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The first official pictures of the new Mazda Miata have been released. But enthusiasts will have to wait until March's Geneva motor show to see the Miata minus its disguise. Mazda distributed this picture of the upcoming Miata to ward off the press for another couple of weeks until the Geneva show opens to the media on March 1. The shot doesn't show much, but spies have suggested the new car is marginally longer than the old Miata and could offer a rotary engine as an option, along with its standard four-cylinder engine.


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    Hmmm.... small size is a reaason I like the Miata. I hope it's not less maneuverable, because that was its saving grace.
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    It looks ok, something about the headlights... From the pictures I think I prefer the current styling, however I need to see it in person before making a real judgement.

    The interior looks very nice.
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    I have a 1st gen Miata ('94). I skipped the current generation bec. I actually don't like the styling as much as mine even though I test drove it and found it to be dynamically better.
    However, this new Miata, looks more like the 1st gen, so I think I'm going to be having me a new one by the end of this year to keep my 11 y.o. company in the family garage!
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    I have a 95 with which I will never part and I like what I see in the 06. The new Miata would be nice next to Underdog in my driveway.
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    Plenty of Miata shots, including an exposed chassis and engine. Leg room is better, too.

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    They sent us basic brochures today....also the link to the 2006 Miata part of the mazda web site can be found at www.bethecar.com
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    What kind of color choices are there? If there's a yellow, I might actually be tempted into dumping a bunch of loot on a rapidly depreciating, impractile roadster (again)
  • audia8qaudia8q Member Posts: 3,138
    nordic green, sunlight silver, marble white, copper red, winning blue, true red, brillian black, galaxy gray. velocity red for special edition only.
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    when will they finally be at the dealers?
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    hello all, as titled i just want to know the diff between M SERIES and an LE before i buy, a guy is selling me a 1994 miata it has a cruise control and a abs power windows central locking system is this the LE? or do you have any other idea that i can determine if it is an LE or M edition?
    thanks for looking.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Member Posts: 72,587
    I would look that sort of thing up on Miata.net. I think they scanned in all the brochures.
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