Jeep Latitude parking brake

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I bought my 2014 Jeep used in 2015. About 5 months after purchase, I started the car as normal and put it into drive, the transmission clunked loudly and the dash lit up. Service transmission and service parking brake lights came on. Car would not go into gear. The next day, it started up like normal. Took it in for service, 17k miles, the dealership stated it was a software update. 2 weeks later, it did it again. Then it didn't happen for months, but the check engine light stayed on. Next time it failed, I was on the freeway. Doing 70, loss of power, message read, put in park and restart. Service parking brake and service transmission lights on. Restarted it several times and finally got it to run normal. Took it in for service again 1 month ago. This time, they said the dashboard dimmer switch was shorting out and causing the lights to come on the dash. Bull. But whatever. Just got home after nearly being rear ended twice on the freeway, when once again I lost power and was stranded while my Jeep tried to readjust itself for 20 minutes in 111 degree weather. I'm at my wits end. Calling the dealership again tomorrow and taking it in. I don't feel it should be my responsibility to put out the money to replace this car but what recourse do I have? This car is not safe!
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