1986 Mazda B2000 Pickup Stalls Randomly

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1986 Mazda B2000 Pickup
191 4 cylinder engine, possibly referred to as a 2.0

Ok, the issue: It runs great, until it doesn't. Then it stops getting gas and chokes and dies. When it dies, it just bogs down. It might idle just fine, but if you try to accelerate, it dies/bogs down. Our longest distance without breaking down was 80 miles. (several "test trips")

When it runs, it runs like a top, but then it just dies. It may restart, it may not. You may get 20 feet, or 1/2 a mile, before it just dies again. When we get out & look when its turning over, there's no gas going into the carb. If we disconnect the fuel filter, & re-connect it, it may run again, for a short, but then dies again. If we pour gas in the carb, it runs.

This was towed behind a motor home for most of it's life, so it's 140k miles are probably more like 50k running miles.
It spent 3 years sitting in a field in the hot AZ sun. Luckily pack rats didn't eat much, just a couple spark plug wires.

What we've done: (sits down to write a book)
Removed and cleaned the gas tank manually. I'm pretty sure it's well cleaned, but wasn't dipped and boiled.
New sending unit, the old one was pretty nasty.
New gas cap
New fuel lines from the tank to the metal lines that run under the cab.
New fuel lines under the hood. (from metal tubes to fuel filter, fuel pump)
New fuel filter
New check/cut valve (couldn't find one for an 86 b2000, but the 87 rx7 one looked the same except the mounting bracket)
New fuel pump (twice)
Carb rebuilt
New rubber return lines from fuel pump to metal tubes under cab
New coil, wires, plugs, rotor, cap.

In the book it says that there should be sensors in line, but these are not there and it doesn't look like they ever were. Maybe this was just California emissions stuff?
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