Mercedes-Benz CLK (2006 and newer)



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    I have a 2006 CLK 500 and I purchased 3 years of Extended Care Warranty after the factory warranty expired and I'm glad that I did, because it indeed paid for itself. I paid approximately 3,000 for the warranty and I had covered repairs that totaled about $5,200, which included transmission shifting problems and replacing the motor mounts. I live in Los Angeles and the roads have a lot of potholes that take their toll, plus the CLK500 is a bit heavy with its larger engine and heavier chassis because of the beefed up convertible model. The convertible is actually quite a bit heavier than the coupe.
    Now in Nov 2012, my extended "Easy Care" Warranty is expiring and they are calling me to extend it again. I currently have driven 61,000 miles and they quoted me an amazingly expensive price of $8,600 for 3 years more of coverage at their top level. They also have lesser coverage options that exclude electrical problems and only cover major components like drive train and engine and leave out A/C, Navigation GPS, convertible top, airbags, electrical & wiring, etc. I understand that older cars are likely to have higher repair costs, but its a tough pill to swallow if I am going to pay $8,600 for Extended Care warranty (w/ $500 deductible) on a car that is now only worth $20.000. I think the warranty is transferable, which should help increase the resale value quite a bit, especially by making the new buyer feel less fearful of incurring major repair costs. Has anyone purchased one of these later extended warranties? I wonder if I should get it or not, and just save the $8,600 and pay for any repairs out of my own pocket? Personally, I'm leaning towards skipping the extended repair coverage. While I currently have only a $100 deductible, which I would like to have again, but the cost would be astronomical.
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