Mach 1000

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My 02 mustang gt came equipped with the mach 1000 amps and subwoofers from the factory, they are not aftermarket. I have a problem, they won't seem to work. I tested the connections to the amplifiers and they don't seem to be getting any power. Anyone know what could be going wrong?

Idk if this has anything to do with the mach 1000 subs not working, but there is and "audio" slot in the power distribution box under the hood. Every time I put a fuse in it automatically blows. It can't be the fuse to the head unit, because the head unit still works and all speakers but the subs work also. 

The subs worked fine when connected to my brothers aftermarket amp.
The head unit is a factory head unit, but not the original.
I've also removed the back seat and checked the grounds, they're all good.

Any thoughts?
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