2016 Odyssey Floor Mats, WeatherTech Questions

roxybell35roxybell35 Member Posts: 7
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Awaiting delivery of brand new 2016 Odyssey and I'm shopping for premium floor mats. I have two little ones (17 months, 1 month) and I know I'll need good coverage. I really like the looks of the Weathertech mats but have a couple questions to those who have them:

1.) Do I want the "over the hump" or separate front mats? Just worried that the over the hump ones will interfere or look tacky by the console/cool box.

2.) What are your thoughts on the cargo liner, OEM or Weathertech?



  • normkolnormkol Member Posts: 135
    We had the same question, just got an EX-L recently.

    We went with the Honda mats, because of the three separate pieces. If the kids (grandkids) make a real mess and you want to take the mat out to hose it down, the Weathertech would be a real hassle.
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