2004 Lincoln LS V6 overheating/shut down

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Hi: I have the above car and it has run relatively fine for the 2 years we've had it. Earlier this year it began to make a lot of noise, from the engine area. I saw someone describe it like an airplane - a loud whining noise. Shortly thereafter the temp gauge needle shot up. The engine light came on. I was less than a mile from home, and was heading back fast, when the car went into shutdown mode. I pulled over, let it cool, started it back up and was able to get home, but the temp needle shot up again. Engine light now stays on. Temp goes up quickly. i assumed it was the water pump, but I have read a number of posts where it sounds like it could be one of several. Any thoughts on the order of checking these things out? It seems to have fluid in the system, but it may be a little low. Thanks for any input.


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    Common problem is the intake manifold gasket, but you should get it pressure tested to see where the leak is coming from rather than just go changing parts.
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