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Help me choose a car!

jgjgjgjgjgjgjgjg Posts: 1
edited July 2016 in Mazda
Would your suggestions on a new car. Currently I drive a beat to hell 2003 Honda Pilot. Though there is a lot I like about this vehicle (holds a full sheet of plywood FLAT!), I want something different. I drive between 1.5 to 2 hours daily in Houston traffic. Speeds are between 20 and 90 in the morning, and between 5 and 50 in the evening.

Ultimately I want something that does a couple of things. First, just make the drive less onerous. The Pilot is a boat, and a noisy boat at that. For example, at 80 miles an hour, the way to overcome the road noise in the Pilot is put earplugs in and then turn the radio WAAAAY up. I want to jettison such silliness. Second, I want shave time off my drive. Being a boat, it's hard in the pilot to really take advantage of gaps and move on down the road.

The exact of a Honda Pilot is something like a MX5. I drove a stick many, many years ago and really enjoyed it. But I don't know it would get tedious when the freeway is a 10mph parking lot. For those of you who are regular longish distance traffic commuters, what do you like?


  • Honda comes out with a civic hatch in a couple months, keep your eye on that one. It'll have automatic and manual and I bet even the auto will be fun. Not sure about road noise, though.

    If road noise is the biggest concern I think you'd have to go up to the Lexus/Audi market.

    I'm guessing any car from 2016 will be quieter than your Pilot. The Prius is actually a great car, and might be worth a look considering all the driving you do.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,462
    My wife isn't usually a Honda fan but she liked the Civic seats and really wants to see the hatch.

    We'll likely keep the Grand Caravan for hauling plywood. Agree with you about the Prius too @gthomasbaldwin.
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