Blinker Flasher

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I have a 2000 Grand Cherokee that the blinkers have stopped working. I located the flasher under the dash on drivers side and replaced it twice with flashers from a salvage yard. Still no turn signals. Emergency flashers are working. Everything points to the flasher, but I thought the odds of two used ones being bad were slim. I am trying to test the flasher. Based on the wiring diagram, Pin1 is 12v+ from battery to operate emergency flasher and Pin 6 is ignition switch voltage for turn signals. When I tested the socket under the dash, I have 12v on the Pin 1 location with key on, but only 3.4v on Pin 6. Does this mean my BCM is bad? Should there be 12v on Pin 6? While the flasher was removed, I applied 12v+ to Pin 1 of the flasher and when I touch the ground to Pin 9 the coil engages (Hazard Lights) I applied 12v+ to Pin 6 and the ground to Pins 7 and then 8, but the second coil does not engage. Any help would be appreciated as a new flasher is $50 bucks! I hate to buy without being sure that is the problem. One other quick question, does the BCM have ANYTHING to do with the AC blower?
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