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Price negotiation advise

kevinjonkevinjon Posts: 12
edited August 2016 in Hyundai
I am looking into buying a Hyundai santa FE 7 seater and I see that most of the dealer have 2017 models now. One of the dealer close to my home has 1 leftover 2016 model. This is supposed to be a loaner car which dealer used as a loaner vehicle and has about 5000 miles on it. But they are selling this vehicle as a brand new vehicle with all factory warranties and options. I am not sure how to negotiate on this kind of car. I test drove few weeks back and i still see it on their website, so its probably not sold. But the Invoice price (from edmunds) for 2016 is around 29K. There are some cash bonus offers available from Hyundai right now. The dealer is factoring in those incentives and advertising the price of $26000 + 300$ processing fees and other tag/title/tax. Price listed already includes freight. How do I negotiate on this? What number do I start at? The price already looks lower compared to invoice. The hyundai cash offer is between 1500-2250$.

I also see some low apr offer from hyundai, do I negotiate on lowest price first and then try to take hyundai finance too?

Any insight is highly appreciated..


  • steverstever Posts: 52,462
    You can appraise it as a used car with 5,000 miles and get dealer retail. I usually use "Clean" but you may was well play with the Outstanding condition too.

    Dealers are notorious for asking crazy money for leftover cars and for loaners so remember to compare notes with the price of a new one. This price actually doesn't look that bad but who knows if you qualify for all the incentives.

    Most likely the dealer will balk at combing the cash incentive with the low APR. Wouldn't hurt to get a loan quote from your bank or credit union.
  • kevinjonkevinjon Posts: 12
    For clean I am seeing
    Dealer retail as $24469.

    Certified Used Price $25,115

    changint it to oustanding puts it at 25287 for dealer reatil
    and 25933 for certified used.

    same dealer is adverticing the new 2017 model at $27,477 (including fright) + 300$ processing + Tax/tag/title. So by just going on the listing price 2016 is about 1747$ cheaper. There is a mild refresh for 2017 model. But if i got with 2016 model, I get 1 year less warranty as its already been used for little bit. I am confused whether is price saving is substantial to go with 2016 as is assuming there is no negotiation from the dealer. This dealer advertise themself as no-haggle dealer. Is it worth negotiating on 2016 and see how low they go before I start the bidding war between dealer for 2017 model?


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