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New entry-level Acura 4-door?

rshollandrsholland Member Posts: 19,788
edited March 2014 in Acura
Might Acura bring over the new Euro-Civic? This is the near production-ready concept show at Geneva.

I would not be a bit surprised if this comes over here as an entry-level Acura sedan, much like the Euro-Accord came over as the Acura TSX.

http://www.autoweek.com/files/specials/2005_geneva/civic/pages/1.- - htm
Frankly, I think this car looks absolutely stunning. If it came over here—and with the RL's SH-AWD, and the rumored all-new 2.4 turbo, WOW!
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    joshsjoshs Member Posts: 22
    While it might be nice to have, I can't see Acura slotting a 4-door below the TSX. They seem to have been trying to move upstream, and already the TSX is at the lower end of the luxury market.

    Some people on the RSX board have suggested that Acura will switch to a bigger platform for the next RSX. We might see a two-door version of this as the next RSX, but I wouldn't hold my breath.
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    rshollandrsholland Member Posts: 19,788
    Depends on how it's contented. If it's given the "Full Monty," it could be a very nice vehicle. Besides, Mercedes (A & B Class) , Audi (A3) and BMW (1 Series) now have "premium" 4-door hatchback vehicles at the bottom of their lineup, some of which are coming over here.

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    varmintvarmint Member Posts: 6,326
    Rumor has it the Integra/RSX is getting the boot. The Celica is being replaced by the Scion tC and the Integra is being replaced by the Civic Type R.

    I agree with Joshs about Acura moving upscale and away from the boy racer cars. The TSX is their new entry level vehicle. It is possible they might offer a TSX coupe, but it would be based on the global mid-size platform not the global small car platform.

    What we see in those pics is the concept for the UK Type R. As with the earlier Integra Type R, Honda's CTR is something of a monster. Rumors put it at 250 hp. It's nothing at all like the Si we get here. Other markets will support a car like that. The US would not.

    What we'll get here is the Si coupe shown at Chicago. Essentially a solid, low cost vehicle with greater out-of the box performance and better styling than the Si we have now. But it's not the luxury vehicle the Acura name is supposed to represent.
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    wheelz4wheelz4 Member Posts: 569
    As much as I like the new Si coupe shown in Chicago, I wouldn't mind in the least if Honda brought the Euro 5-door over to do battle with the Mazda3 Sport.(but as a Honda, not an Acura) Even with only the current Si's engine (160 hp) to match the Mazda's....with a reasonable price and the light, direct feel we've come to expect from Hondas, not to mention superior fuel economy, it would be formidable competition for the Mazda3.
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    joshsjoshs Member Posts: 22
    I agree with the market analysis of the U.S. Too bad, though.

    I think in the U.S. that Acura has reached a point of diminishing returns. The RSX has no place to go, and cheaper cars are matching (exceeding?) its performance, and people who want the luxury are buying more car.

    I can see a TSX coupe (they might even keep the RSX name), but if they increase performance to compete more heavily, cost will get prohibitive. This argues for slotting a performance Civic. It's a shame, because I like small, nimble refined cars.
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    lexi4lifelexi4life Member Posts: 181
    But why would Honda discontinue the RSX ? It's a very good seller, even if it doesn't really match the company's line-up... I think they'll probably keep the RSX name like joshs said but it probably gonna be built on a TSX platform as a coupe version of it, using the 2.4 (200hp) as its base engine and the same engine but rated at 250hp for the Type-S. That seems more logical than to just discontinue RSX.
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    nippononlynippononly Member Posts: 12,555
    I REALLY hope they start selling the Integra as a Honda here, as they do everywhere else. They could even do up a Civic with the fast running gear of the Integra, and call it an Integra 4-door.

    TSX should remain Acura's entry-level 4-door.

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    nitionnition Member Posts: 3
    where can i find photos on the the new acura you speak about :)
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