Engine reliability

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Bear with me please, this may get a little lengthy. We just bought a 2010 Outback 3.6R with 93,600 miles. After 3 days we took it back to the dealership because it smelled like coolant and the transmission was shifting funny. After having it there for a week and a half and being told that it needed a new transmission (should be covered under the dealers certified used car warranty), I got a call from the sales manager saying they felt bad for selling us a lemon and that they wanted to buy the car back. Circumstances prevent us from being able to get another car loan and so my question is, with them replacing the transmission and radiator, what else is there to go wrong (aside from electrical)? How reliable are these engines? From all the research I could find prior to purchasing, even the transmission should have lasted longer. Has anyone had any experience with this model and engine issues or know of common problems that would help sway my decision? Thank you!
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