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2009 Chevy Impala, Multiple dangerous issues!

sls51583sls51583 Member Posts: 1
edited August 2016 in Chevrolet
My wife and I bought our 2009 Chevy Impala in 2013 for $11,000. We had never owned a car that new before and after a great experience with a 2001 Chevy Lumina (car) we were prepared to be lifelong customers of Chevy. My wife had just graduated college as a Med Tech, gotten a good-paying job and we thought this purchase would just fit with all of our dreams that were coming true. However, this vehicle ended up being a nightmare.
Unfortunately, just two days after purchase, a rock flew up and busted our windshield (just bad luck). We had a good several months before things started to really go awry. The first thing that happened was the traction control light came on and the car would kind of jerk/slow down frequently (very scary in traffic). Then there was the “engine power reduced” and “disabling throttle” warning which we discovered was the acceleration pedal sensor. After that, the engine light came on and ended up being the mass air flow sensor. Next was “engine hot A/C off” warning (ECT sensor) and then two batteries that were ruined from an unknown power surge. Following the ECT, the airbag light came on and it stated “disabled”.
The most dangerous problem was something that no mechanic, not even the Chevy dealership mechanic, could figure out. We would be driving and the speedometer needle would start to bob and when we stopped the car would shut off with a warning of “speed limited to (random 108.112.111 mph). We could start the car up and it would sound fine but when we shifted out of park the needle would shoot all the way over and the car would stall giving the same message. This happened more and more as time went on and put us and others in a very dangerous situation (around blind curves, middle of traffic, freeway, etc.).
My wife wrote Chevy a letter about these issues. Chevy called the dealer on our behalf, but getting the dealer to look at it did’t happen; they wanted $800 just to diagnose each problem. We realized we were on our own with the repairs which cost us almost $1500. We finally took it to the dealership for the “speed limited to/ stalling” issue and they could not figure it out so we will be junking this piece of garbage.
Chevy knows about a lot of these issues and does nothing about them. People are being placed in very dangerous situations and still NOTHING. I have only owned American vehicles and I have always been one of those people that would only buy American. However, I realize now that I am being loyal to companies that do not care about me, my family, or anyone else. After doing research I see that mostly foreign cars are the best to buy and now that I have changed my philosophy, they will be getting mine and my family’s business. I am tired of being loyal to a company that couldn’t care less about its customers. Farewell and God bless anyone who is dealing with these issues!
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