Land Rover LR4 price help

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Looking to purchase a 2016 LR4 and MSRP is $64,934. Not really sure how much off MSRP these can be negotiated for (how much above invoice). Any advice that someone can offer is greatly appreciated. We have a trade in and expect to get about $25k on it. I am just not sure what the MSRP on an LR4 2016 can come down to.

Thank you for the help.


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    I ran the numbers on a HSE LUX with Adaptive Cruise and Vision Assist and got close to your MSRP ($64,490, including the $995 destination). On the one I built, the TMV average for a random zip code is $63,028, and invoice is $60,680.

    You can use that link to dial yours in better, but you're really only looking at $1,000 off MSRP for the average deal. Since you are researching, you may be able to beat the average but I don't know how low you can go.

    Anyone else buying or shopping an LR4?
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