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Power steering maintenance

nicsa458nicsa458 Posts: 1
edited August 2016 in Ford
I have a 2010 focus s with 70,000ish miles on it and I recently bought it in for an inspection and a noise. I had an idea what the noise was and it sorta was the the tensioner and idler pulley but the alternator is failing causing them to fail from the alternator. Now I was also told my power steering rack is starting to leak. I've always hated the power steering in this car. So much effort is put into pointing the car in the right direction. I was told that I should get the power steering fixed which involved a rack of course, but also new hoses and a new pump. And was also told this is what Ford recommends.

I didn't get the alternator or power steering fixed because I'm getting some opinions but does anybody have an idea of what I should do?

I'm on the brink of saying screw this car and getting a new Corolla.
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