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    I wish Edmunds would rate the different AC systems in cars yearly because they all don't work the same. Some cool down faster than others and some are worthless in terms of Desert cooling (Palm Spring, CA) while driving around town and not on the freeway. Why aren't there basic standards by which all automobile companies abide by. I am talking brand new cars. Compare Honda to Ford. Camry to Hyundai there is a difference and I wish like other standards printed on the car labels these numbers would also be stated so I would now this before purchasing a new car in December that isn't going to do the job in August. When I stick a gauge directly in the AC vent it will eventually go down to 38-40 degrees. Not true in other cars. Perhaps 45 is the lowest temp out of the vent they will eventually reach. Why? Also, how fast the car can get down to 38-40 degrees in determined by what? Why do some cars get to the lowest degree faster than others? Why don't all cars go down to 38-40 degrees coming out of the AC vents? Why are Mercedes and Fords sound so loud when the AC is on and a Toyota is very quiet, yet just as cold.

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