Why did you choose Highlander over Pilot?

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Hello all,

I am in the market for a new SUV (2 kids in car seats) and need something with a little more room. I am coming from a Honda Fit, so anything really is a size upgrade, but if I'm buying I want to make sure I go with something that we will grow into. My wife already has an Odyssey so I don't really need an SUV to be a minivan-substitute, but I think I need/want more room than a CRV or Rav4 have to offer. Anyhow, I'm debating between the Highlander and the Pilot. Seeing as how this is the Toyota forum I assume many of you also looked at the Pilot. What made you choose one over the other?

On a separate note, the 2017 Highlander looks great and I just may have to hold out until this are released...


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    I am holding out too - I MUST SEE the new Highlander. I was set to buy the Pilot but will now wait to see the Highlander. Dang you Toyota!
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    I drove both. Pilot seemed to have better road feel and less cluttered instrument panel, very clean. But the Pilot is HUGE. Have to drive Highlander again.
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    The 2017 Highlander is due out before the end of the year - so you must have driven the 2016 Highlander. THIS IS NOT the one you want (but perhaps not bad for some). Look at the specs of the ALL NEW redesigned 2017 Highlander. It may be worth waiting for - I hope so as I am waiting to drive it before making a decision!
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    OK, Thanks!
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    scottc3 said:

    The 2017 Highlander is due out before the end of the year - so you must have driven the 2016 Highlander. THIS IS NOT the one you want (but perhaps not bad for some). Look at the specs of the ALL NEW redesigned 2017 Highlander. It may be worth waiting for - I hope so as I am waiting to drive it before making a decision!

    I did drive 2016. Why do you think it is not the one I should choose? Appreciate your feedback. Thanks
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    Take a look at most any 2017 Highlander review. I think you will wait before buying a 2017.

    The 2017 Highlander introduces a series of upgrades that should help it maintain its strong competitiveness in a category that is one of the most active in the industry. Splitting the difference between a minivan and a station wagon, the Highlander continues to offer three rows of seating, plenty of cargo room and a choice between front- or all-wheel drive.

    In all six of its available trim levels, the Highlander is a roomy and comfortable place to be. Its restyled front and rear ends haven’t affected the rest of the package; it still offers your choice of two captain’s chairs or a three-person bench seat in the second row. For 2017, its optional V6 has been reworked for more power and efficiency and is paired to a new transmission. The base four-cylinder engine and transmission carry over unchanged. Safety-conscious consumers will be pleased to know there’s a suite of safety technologies included as standard equipment on all 2017 Highlanders.
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    I drove both 2016 Highlander's and 2016 Pilot. This is the difference. In the Highlander my head is almost touching the roof on the driver seat, even though it is at the lowest position. In the Pilot there is a plenty of space between my head and the roof. I am 6' and 3" (192 cm).

    The Pilot is less responsive. When I am driving at the low speed and want to speed it up by quickly pressing the accelerate pedal, the Pilot is thinking a half of second and then go fast with little noise. This process is not smooth. On the Highlander everything is smooth and fast without any noise. Both cars were V6.

    When you show the right turn light on the a Pilot, it shows the video on the right side mirror (kind of very cool!). It could be also implemented on the 2017 Highlander Limited and Platinum.
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    I drove today 2016 Pilot Elite. I confirm that it is quicker than other Pilot models, thanks to its 9-speed automatic transmission. So, I would say 2016 Pilot Elite is as quick as 2016 Highlander Platinum.
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    Anybody can tell me what is the width at beltline for the cargo space? (It's the interior width of the cargo floor measured from "wheel to wheel" when 3rd row is down). For 2012 Highlander it was 50", but I haven't found that number for the 2016. For the Pilot is 49", I just hope Toyota didn't shrink it for the 2016 and 17 models.
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    The 2017 Highlander has more HP and about 3 MPG better fuel economy than the 2016 due to a new 8 speed transmission and new engine with start-stop. The safety technology package is in all trims with auto-braking, lane departure/correction, auto high-beams, adaptive cruise control. Many of the trims also include standard blind spot monitor and rear cross traffic alert.
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    I have heard that the Honda Pilot had some mechanical problems with the transmission.

    After researching, the transmission is the same one used in Chrsylers! I was going to buy it until I heard this.

    Probably going with the Highlander because it's not as electrical as the Pilot which in long term situations, is a very good thing.

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    I chose the 2016 Highlander Platinum Hybrid simply because I wanted a hybrid and the Pilot does not have a hybrid model. I have not been disappointed.
  • jsdilopsjsdilops Member Posts: 60
    I want for the Pilot 2017. Android auto is awesome. The opening top the cargo is bigger than in the Highlander (49" Pilot, 46" Highlander). Under-the cargo compartment is huge. I love having the compass always on sight (top right corner of the infotaiment system). I got one with the 6-speed tranny, not trusting the 9-one yet. Highlander have some nice safety features tough.
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