ac stops after restart

jeepsamjeepsam Member Posts: 2
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Vacuum and recharged ac system using manifold gauges. Ac works great until I shut the car off. Cold air, good pressure in high/low lines, clutch engaging. After car is restarted warm air, bad pressure, clutch still engaging. Even if I restart the car after only a few minutes. Holds a vacuum so I don't believe its leaking. Bad compressor valve maybe?


  • thecardoc3thecardoc3 Member Posts: 5,592
    The vacuum test is a very poor way to try and judge if a system has a leak, and is really only used for very large leaks. As far as attempting to guess something like a reed valve in the compressor, that's very unlikely and I would need a lot more information anyway.
  • jeepsamjeepsam Member Posts: 2
    Yea I just didn't believe it was a leak BC even if I shut it off and immediately turn it back on its warm. I figured it would need to be a very large leak to stop that quickly. I will dye test it to make sure, just seemed odd it would work great until I shut the car off.
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