2017 LaCrosse options pricing is absurd, and MRC suspension should be separate from 20" wheels

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The base configuration of the new 2017 LaCrosse starts at an MSRP of $32,065 which seems like a reasonable value for a car with a lot of standard equipment. But it's after this point that GM seems to have lost touch with reality.

Look at the next step up for example. Go from the Standard to the "Preferred" trim and you jump exactly $4,000
What does that get you? Here is a 100% complete list (not just the highlights) per buick.com :

- XM Radio (adds near zero value to anyone who doesn't listen to XM, which is almost everyone based on subscriber numbers)
- Steering column adjustment goes from manual to power. Still no memory feature, so if you have two very different sized primary drivers and really hate manually adjusting the wheel, this might be worth a little to you? Most people wouldn't even know or care.
- The wheels are polished. Same size (18"), same material (aluminum) but polished so they might look a little nicer depending on your preference.
- A cargo net (seriously, you can buy one aftermarket for $15)

That's it. Literally.

While I'm ranting... GM, your magnetic ride control (adaptive) suspension is very cool. I appreciate the fact that you're making it available on the LaCrosse. However can you please stop requiring 20" wheels to go along with it? MRC offers a very nice dynamic ride, which is partially offset by heavy 20" wheels and narrow side wall tires. It's like you're paying extra for an option that both helps and hurts your ride quality. Please make the 20" wheels part of some other upper trim tier or package and make the MRC suspension its own check box on the option list.
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