Power Steering, Gauge Cluster & Radio

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Thanks for taking the time to read my post,

I've had my torrent into a shop for the whole week last week, and now at a dealership for this entire week. No one know's what's going on.

Symptoms are:
1. Intermittent loss of Power Steering
2. Instrument panel gauges all go to zero and then return
3. Radio turns off and on
4. The Brake, ABS, TCS and Low Traction lights come on and go off.
5. Chime begins to ring

The length of time that these symptoms last varies.

Power steering can work or not work when first starting the car, even if the chime, and gauges etc. work.

Everything else continues to work while these symptoms present.

The dealership said that as soon as a code registers it's cleared by the system so hard to catch, and diagnose/repair.

The first shop said we should try replacing the BCM. We got a used one but BCM's are "learn once" apparently and so you can't put a used BCM in. That's when we took it to the dealer. The first shop tightened all the grounds as well. We also took the radio fuse out to see if it was the radio that was causing the suspected data problems, but symptoms persisted regardless.

The problem seems to happen more at higher air temps than on cooler days.

The first shop told me that the power steering was a part of the BCM in 2006, but 2007 and on it was a separate module. The dealership suggested yesterday to replace the power steering module for $1600. Not sure who is correct on this one.

I think that's everything I know so far.

If anyone has any tips or suggestions of places to look that would be GREAT!!

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