machanical backfire.

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Alright everyone I have 2003 dodge grand caravan. Just replaced the computer and the fuel injector harness. It was working but still running rough. The code I was getting was that number six cylinder was failing or something like that. it was 0206 SO I took my injector bar loose and changed the injector six and put it in injector one and like wise with number one to six. I wanted to see if the code would change to see if it was just a bad injector. Well ever since I changed the switched the injectors my van will not start the ignition will not crank and the only light I get on the dash is the door light when it is open. it will not even ding when the door is open. also the fuse box has relays that are buzzing when I turn the ignition. I can pull them out and it stops but putting them back in the start buzzing again. Any help would be greatly appriciated. Joel


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