CX9 transfer case and transmission problem - shuddering

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I have a CX9 from 2011, with under 90,000 km on the clock and just town driving.
Recently we noticed the car would shudder as we drove between 50-70 km/h. We took it to the dealer who did a diagnostic at a cost of $150 but found nothing. We took it back at the next service and told them the shudder was still there. Probably the spark plugs. Got those changed and they recommended to clean the jets at another $200 (so all in $800 service). The car still shuddered like we were going across slight bumps in the road, which stopped when we took the foot off the accelerator.
Took it back to the garage, and drove with them in the car. Then they experienced it and said it could be the torque. Now they did some tests and say it's a mechanical problem and went to Mazda in Melbourne to see if they would cover it under warranty. Mazda have come back and say no that it is no longer covered. As the warranty expired two years ago. This was when they told me that the transfer case and transmission would need to be changed at a cost of $16,000 AUD!!
We nearly died. We don't have that kind of money and can't believe that this isn't a pre-existing problem that would have been a fault from day 1 when it was in warranty.
Reading the posts above I can see that this appears to be quite common. How can they be so callous when they know they have a design fault?
I have contacted Mazda Melbourbe and complained and my complaint has been issued to a case officer - but no date would be given when they would get back to me. They refused to commit.
The Mazda garage supports our claim and says that as far as they are concerned that the Mazda Melbourne should replace it as it is an internal problem and clearly a fault in the original car - but not sure whether the case officer will see it that way.
What can I do. We are not flush with cash and so taking them to court seems too expensive.
Does anyone have any ideas what we can do ?
Help - desperate


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    Simple Fix for this problem Just had my 2007/8 Mazda CX 9 (with 190000 klms on the clock,) transmission fluid changed and added the FIX, it is a Lubegard product Dr Tranny's Shudder Fixx only need a 2oz tube to fix, what a relief, thought I was in for a new Torque Converter or Gearbox. Hope this works for you too, Cheers
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