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Hatchback for North America

frenchguy007frenchguy007 Posts: 28
edited August 2016 in Ford
Like several other mid-size sedans, the Fusion has a very short trunk. This makes the opening impractical and hard to store things in. It makes me wonder why doesn't Ford offer a hatchback version like the Ford Mondeo? You want to compete against the SUV market, then give some versatility to your drivers. The driving dynamics of a sedan are so much better than an SUV, if you can increase the versatility then it seems like a win-win.

Those Europeans know a thing or two about cars and what works, maybe we should follow their lead...


  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    edited August 2016
    SUVs and miniSUVs (CUVs) just sell better here. People had options years ago (wagons like the Outback) but wanted big. Outbacks are selling well now but they grew quite a bit, and a Forester looks like a SUV now. It's CR--V size.

    They haven't arrived yet but some people are excited to see the new Civic Hatch. First time there's been much interest in anything other than "hot" hatches.

    Here's a list of the 64 hatchback models currently for sale in the US.
  • What's interesting about the list of hatches available in North America is that 90% are European or Asian and that almost all the list is sub compact to compact. I know and agree that SUV's and CUV's sell better here, it's just to bad that we cannot a couple of good choices in the mid-size.

    I like the five door Vauxhall Insignia (Buick Regal here, but only in the 4 door) as well as the Mondeo five door (Again the same car Here except not available as a five door). These are not quite wagons but more sedan in look but with more versatility than a 4 door with trunk.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    edited August 2016
    Canada and Mexico seem to get some of the bigger hatches. Well, Canada anyway.
  • I am in Canada so see these more. There was the Dodge Magnum but it was "too wagon". The Outlback as you mentioned, VW used to have a Passat wagon but now only the Golf wagon. However these were all pure wagons.

    With all the new cars taking the rear styling cues developed by Audi (A7) with the very short trunk lid and swooping back, it seems to make sense to make these sedans (essentially) more versatile for the users by making the rear glass lift with the trunk so that we can make the storage more accessible.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    edited August 2016
    Around here when people say "North America", 99% of us assume you are talking about the USA. :) Glad I threw in the Canada/Mexico comment.

    The PT Cruiser is one of those that some consider a pure wagon, but with the full hatch, it has a certain appeal to us minivan fans.

    The thing about a wagon is that you have a flat roof so great for hauling canoes or sheet goods up top, and they are more squared off so you can fit that TV in the back without pushing the box all the way to the backs of the front seats.

    But then you are driving a station wagon. :D

    There's some grumbling about the spy shots of the rear of the new Honda Civic. I really don't care too much if the function is there and the visibility isn't too awful. I'm mostly sitting inside the car and don't spend a lot of time waxing my cars or otherwise enjoying the exterior aesthetics.

    (Driving in Canada is fun, at least in the bigger cities where you are more likely to see an oddball car - oddball to us down here anyway. I'm assuming you're Québécois and get to see fun stuff in Montreal? We did a short trip to Saint-Pierre years ago and it was fun seeing the "pure" Euro cars, including my favorites, the Renault mini-minivans. )
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