2002 outback LL bean edition (108k miles) vs 2005 outback based model (125k miles)

sanemom4sanemom4 Member Posts: 1
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I am debating between 2 Subaru Outback. First one is 2002 LL bean outback v6. It has 108k miles and asking for $5995. The 2nd one is 2005 outback based model with 125k miles. Asking for $6995. Does anyone know if asking price is fair or too much? What is the reason why the LL Bean require only premium fuel as oppose to regular unleaded fuel. I am concern about the LL bean requires premium fuel. Being that it is v6... less mileage/ gallon. I heard it has guzzler. I've read many reviews. There was more positive than negatives rating. However those who gave poor rating seems to have costly issues. I am not sure what to make of it.
Any thoughts would be appreciated!

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