Interior lights and locks issue

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PLEASE HELP!!! I was trying to find answers on here, but couldn't.

I just bought a 2006 Jeep Liberty Sport and noticed some electrical and lighting issues while driving it home. All interior cargo lights do not work at all. Also, my door locks do not lock with the fob or with the switches, but it looks like they unlock - sometimes - with the driver side switch. Lastly, my radio (after market from previous owner) resets itself every time I turn on my car - so it does not save any settings.

Could all of these issues be related? I have not looked into the fuses yet as I don't have the original manual that goes with the vehicle and don't know which fuse is for what, but I also have found that there are people who HAVE switched the fuses and they blow every time they replace them. What could be the issue there as to why they keep blowing as soon as putting a new one in?

Thanks for any help!


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    I just found out that all 3 brake lights are out. Tail lights were out too, but fixed that. I found that the brake light switch fuse was blown so I replaced it. It blew again right away. I think I either have a short somewhere, or the brake light switch may be bad, but not sure how to find out which, if either, it might be. I don't know if the cruise control works, became I never use that. How would I check that without driving the car? I would very much appreciate any troubleshooting advise anyone may have on this. Very frustrated. Thanks much
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