Need help making an offer on 2017 Hyundai Elantra Sedan

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I'm looking to pull the trigger on a 2017 Elantra SE (automatic) by month's end.
MSRP 18150, popular equipment pkg 800, destination 835, document fee 399. Maine tax is 5.5%. I can forgo the 275 in floor mats, cargo net and tray, right? There's currently 1000 cash back for summer sales cash and 500 cash back for Retail Bonus Cash. One dealer tells me that since they're building a new building, they have additional incentives so he can beat any other dealer's price.
What's a good OTD price? $17,500 too low? zip code 04330. I have pre-approved credit union financing, but would finance through Hyundai if it sweetens the deal.


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    Hi Gitsymaine,

    I'm looking to buy a similar vehicle, in the next couple of days. Wondering if you could share the price that you got the above vehicle for.

    Dealer provided me a quote for $18,467 for 2017 Elantra SE + PEP + Tech Package (includes $1500 incentives + $1348 dealer rebate) + fee + tax + title etc.,

    Looking for thoughts on what the fair price for the above vehicle is..

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    On 8/25/16, I got my 2017 Elantra + PEP for $18922.53 OTD with no trade. Financed, but not through Hyundai (so no incentive).
    Sticker was MSRP $18,150 + PEP $800 + Carpeted Floor Mats $125 + Freight $835 + Doc Fee $399 = $20,309.
    ME State Sales tax 1058.74 + State Title fee $33 + VSI Fee $79.
    Received $1000 and $500 rebates/incentives.
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    firstbmw_ga, that sounds like a decent quote.
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    Hi Gitsymaine,

    Thank you so much for posting your car purchase details. Very helpful.

    Just last night, I bought Elantra + PEP + Tech Package + Carpeted Floor Mats + First Aid Kit+ Rear Bumper Protector + Alloy Wheel Locks
    Window Sticker price shows $21,365

    OTD with no trade = $19,500 (Includes GA taxes.. Financed some with Hyundai Motor Financing @ 1.49% for 36 months)

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  • gitsymainegitsymaine Member Posts: 4
    Yes, Congrats!
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    I got a quote for

    2017 Elantra SE with PEP

    Car $16,800.00
    NJ Tax $ 1,176.00
    Doc $299.00
    DMV $280.00
    Tri VIN $6.50
    Tire Tax $7.50
    Total $18,569.00

    Can anyone comment on the price? Should i wait till the end of the year for lower prices?
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    Hi @cheme2001.

    Your selling price is ~$2,300 below invoice, including destination and the $1,000 incentive. Invoice is $19,129. And your price is about $1,000 below the TMV average.

    Looks the dealer profit is in the doc fees.

    Another benchmark is that you are about 15% below MSRP. Usually that number is 8 to 12%, maybe a bit higher for sedans.

    Every indication is that you have a strong offer. You might beat it at year end, but my guess is that you wouldn't beat it by much - meanwhile you could be driving around in a new car for a month.
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    Got a Value Edition for 70% of MSRP plus tax, title and license.
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