Trans overheating?

quesurfinquesurfin Member Posts: 1
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I have a 2011 Fusion SEL 3.0 and I have a strange issue. Since January, when I have been driving down the highway for extended periods of time, my wrench light comes on. I finally red the code and its transmission overheating.

When I get off the highway I hear my car's fan revved up and the transmission jumps like no other.A mile or two after exiting the highway, the light comes off and it starts driving fine. When I get out of my car I smell a fluid of some sort. Now, my fluid is beyond fine. I don't think I have any leaks anywhere (I could be wrong). I also don't really notice any other issues with the trans except what is normally reported with this year model.

I talked to a mechanic and he thinks it could just be the temp sensor.

Any ideas!?
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