Pontiac Grand Am pass lock sensor

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I'm having a pass lock sensor problem,happened 4 times since last weekend.Having to wait ten minutes after working 10 hrs is aweful.Im hoping there will be a recall.my co worker had a Pontiac with this problem.It gets worse until it don't start.


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    So I bought this 2000 Grand Am GT and the first day of the pre-safety the rear back-up light burns out,  horn won't work . No big deal ... I pull the car around front and turn it off. Hour later I go out and the Key won't even turn.... So GM sells me a new ignition for almost  $400.00 ... Hint... a locksmith can rebuild your ignition for about 200.00 oh, after u buy the ignition your most likely calling a locksmith to get the old ignition out anyways........ then ignition key recall on 1996 + to 2004 I believe. .. this anti theft stuff isn't supposed to effect the owner I assume. .. is it 
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    For the benefit of others:
    Did you have your foot on the brake pedal hard and the shifter in Park? Then check the steering wheel to see if it's turned in a bind when the ignition shut off the assist. In other words, move the steering wheel back and forth. If it's being pushed to one side or other of the lock hole that the pin goes into to prevent theft, use one hand to move the wheel while you try to rotate the key with the other hand.

    To prevent this, let go of the steering wheel before turning off the key so that the wheel finds its neutral place. Then any turning to one side of the other allows the lock pin to drop into a hole usually without any torque on it.

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