2017 Audi Q7 vs GLE 350

sanjeevhsanjeevh Member Posts: 7
edited August 2016 in Audi
Need help making decision. I am getting a Q7 2017 with 7k miles on it for 58k vs. equally loaded 2016 GLE 350 for 54k.

Is it worth paying 4k for Q7 vs GLE 350? Really love the way 2017 Q7 is - everything about it.

What should I do? Is there a big difference in maintenance cost over 5 years?


  • encunorthencunorth Member Posts: 2
    ML 350 has a lighter steering on highways not sure if they fixed it with GLE. If you enjoy driving go for Audi if you are into luxury fit and finish then GLE. I havent driven GLE but an ML. I would recommend you to drive both on highway before making a decision
  • sanjeevhsanjeevh Member Posts: 7
    Thanks. I liked Q7 better than GLE on highway. I am a bit concerned about Q7 because the new model has only been out this year. And not sure how much more to maintain compared to GLE.
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