LINCOLN LS, cooling issue

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I have a 2005 Lincoln LS V8 that has 84,000 miles. Yesterday, after only driving two blocks, there was a noticeable humming/whirring coming from the engine, and at the same moment the needle on the inside engine temperature gauge spike as high as it could go. A warning came on the dash about the engine temperature.
I turned off the working air conditioner and turned it around. After pulling it in the garage and putting it in park the temperature fell to a normal level. When I got out to check the car, there was a huge amount of coolant under the car, 1-2 gallons.
After letting the car sit for hours to cool down, I replaced the coolant (almost 2 gallons). I could not trigger the car to overheat again.
Today, after letting it sit overnight, I went out to drive it a short distance hoping to trigger the same overheating so I could see where the coolant was coming from. It did not overheat, although today, the air is blowing very hot air, almost unbearably hot air from the vents, but the engine was not overheating according to the temperature gauge and there is no obvious leaking of coolant.
I am thinking maybe the water pump or the thermostat, but the air conditioner doesn't make sense to me. The air conditioner was in perfect working condition before the overheating episode yesterday.
Has anyone experienced a similar problem.
Thanks for any help you can give me.
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