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My 2010 Equinox transmission went out on my with no notice. I had it towed to the nearest car repair who said that with that few miles (92400) that it was probably not the transmission. They were shocked it find it was, quoted my $3600 to replace. I did not do the work. I then had another mechanic look at it who told me that it had the same issues as the 2009 Equinox and that warranty got extended to 10 yr/100000. I called GM how had me take to dealer. After calling GM multiple times, getting escalated to senior level, having the dealer call me, (meanwhile no car to drive) yesterday I was told they would do nothing for me because I wanted it paid in full. This car had the engine replaced, steering gear, wheel bearings, powertrain computer issues. I saved for a long time to get this car. SO sad.
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