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Honda 2016 Pilot or 2017 Toyota Highlander

scottc3scottc3 Member Posts: 137
edited August 2016 in Honda
If you have researched the 2016 Pilot more than likely you have seen the specs for the all new 2017 Toyota Highlander. I'm not here to tell you which one might be better, but the specs look impressive for the 2017 Highlander. I am ready to buy and it's killing me to sit and wait for the new Highlander to come out. The Honda Pilot is a very nice 'crossover' - but the Highlander may be worth the wait.

Anyone else waiting for the 2017 Highlander to become available before making a decision? I bet there are more than just me!



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    toledo73toledo73 Member Posts: 174
    Will they improve the road feel? Highlander drives like a large Buick. The Honda is just superior in every way.
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    steverstever Guest Posts: 52,454
    edited September 2016
    Haven't driven the larger Enclave but the Buick Encore drives darn nice. :)

    The long time rap on Hondas has been excessive road noise. I hear that they've gotten better in the last couple of years.
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