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deeprimixdeeprimix Member Posts: 1
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Hi anyone,
I would say my small but growing family is a middle class family. myself and wife commute to work about 20mins drive on average each and we are expecting a second baby but hope to have 4 kids total. we both use a chevy cobalt(88k miles) n honda accord(134k miles)which serves us both really well. but with the growth in family and couple visit from our parent within the year we feel we need to move up to the 3 row SUV so we can all go in one car. unfortunately i have researched alot on the 3 rows and yet cant really make one decision based off of the complaints on new cars compared to the risk of used ones. I decided to put up this caption so i can follow your advice knowing there are lots of intelligent auto gurus in the world that are willing to help clarify or enlighten me on a wise way to go.

If you have to choose JUST ONE OPTION what will it be for your family mobility plan if you put yourself in my position;
a. Buy a new 3 row 7 seater SMALL size suv (Usually ok expense on gas mileage) on loans and then a used truck whenever we can afford to buy without loans. (Truck useful for our, easy hauling,outdoors like camping and also cabin trips)
b. Buy a BIG 3 row family7/8 seater suv usually don’t always have good gas miles but with plans for a second small car with very good gas mileage we can buy anytime we can afford to without loans that will compensate.
c. Buy a fairly new 3 row 7/8 seater MIDSIZE suv (Usually medium expense on gas mileage) on loans and then a used truck whenever we can afford to buy without loans
d. A new 5 seater family size car with good gas mileage and a fairly used car with gas mileage like maintaining the honda accord we have now.

unfortunately I am a fan of the mini van but my wife HATES IT..she doesnt want it in our drive way even if i plan to buy it for myself..so weird! so to have peace I have to solve this out someway with your help. Thanks in anticipation for your response.

If you can, kindly include reasons and if possible recommend a durable new or used 3 row suv or used trucks choice based on your experience.so far I looked into 2016 honda pilot ex/,lx or exl but got lots of bad reviews about the brake issues, thinking about 2016 highlander or 2016 mazda cx9. test drove all 3 anyway for new 3 row suvs tho. thanks

Of note we are not interested in lease.


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    texasestexases Member Posts: 10,732
    I like your choices of the Highlander or CX-9. Any way you could ask the wife just to take a test drive in a minivan? It really is the best vehicle for your needs. Maybe sneak it in after test driving the Highlander...
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    steverstever Guest Posts: 52,454
    The Highlander and CX-9 (and the CR-V for that matter) are the new soccermom mobiles. That what I think of when I see them.
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