2006 GS300 air conditioning fan problem

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The A/C fan in my 2006 GS300 delays for quite a long time esp in very hot weather after not being driven for a day.
I can see the speed setting ramping up on the display but I must drive a mile or two before it kicks in.
After I drive it and make multiple stops and restarts in the same day all if fine.
Any ideas?
Taking it to a mechanic is no help as by the time I get there it works and as we all know
"If it ain't broke ya can't fix it.!" Ü
Dealer is clueless.


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    Hello! It is important to know if this is caused by low voltage or the blower motor itself. I would pick a weekend morning with no appointments to interfere and run a test on this thing. locate the blower motor and unplug the power supply plug that connects to it, set a volt meter to DC and the lowest voltage setting it has above 12 volts. Connect the leads to the supply wires of the blower motor and start the car, turn on the AC as you normally would and watch the reading. Take notes as to the voltage and whether it changes as the engine warms up. This will tell you if the voltage to the blower starts out low and then builds, or if it starts at full and the blower just requires time to start turning. If the later is so, the most likely cause is worn bushings, bearings, or brushes in the blower motor. One can replace this motor with an after market referb from Canada for under a hundred dollars. if it is low voltage you will be armed with your record of data readings to take to your mechanic. Or if you are electrically savoy, these readings will assist you in looking for the cause. Good luck!
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