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Typical end-of-year discount?

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I'm interested in purchasing (cash) either a Toyota RAV4 XLE FWD or a Mazda CX-5 Touring. I'd be happy with a 2016 version of either one, instead of the 2017 version, because I plan to keep the car for a long time and because these models are not going thru major revisions for 2017. My question is: what kind of end-of-year discount should I expect? I'm asking this question at the start of September, and I plan to purchase in mid-October. I'm in Cleveland, OH.


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    You should be close to 3k below dealers invoice on the 2016 Rav4. Invoice price w dest/ charge ( 900) = $25,462
    $2000 plus below invoice on the Mazda CX5. Invoice on FWD touring = $25,380

    Dealers with limited models may result in a color or model you don't want . If you find dealers with limited 2016 models on there lots the savings might not be as good as I posted. Start looking Now using my price guide. End of the month is the best time to buy . Read thru some of my 4300 comments on my home page for tips and advise on how to make your best deal. Same techniques apply for buying any new vehicle. Tell all your targeted dealerships you will finance this vehicle thru dealership if it gets you a better price. Meaning finance as little as you could put down then pay off 1st months bill when you get it . Pro's dealer gets a kick back and you get a better deal.

    Best bang for your buck will be buying a RAV4. Mazda's wont / cant discount as low a Toyota can.

    Toyota has finanicing @0% for 60 months or $750 dealer cash
    Mazda @0% for 36 months

    Good luck

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