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Diesel Fuel Economy and chips



  • If any one has a high performance diesel pickup truck, even one with just a chip or turned up injector pressure. You should take a look at the new Fluidampr’s introduced at the SEMA show. The factory harmonic balancers are not made to soak up the heavier harmonic torsional vibrations caused by these routine performance upgrades. Unfortunately the higher power output can lead to accelerated bearing wear, as well as the increased possibility of catastrophic engine failure. Fluidampr has extensive dyno testing to show how well their product works. If you one of these trucks you should
  • I own a 2005 F-250 6.0 liter Diesel and want to install the Hypertech. Local Ford dealership tells me that it is already running at max boost and that this will cause the head bolts to stretch and more damage. Any truth to this? The dealer tells me that Ford has decided to void warranties on trucks running a chip. Any truth to this?
  • stonegstoneg Posts: 47
    I installed my Edge wearing a suit in roughly 5 minutes.
    I purchased it brand new still in factory packaging on Ebay for about $575. I installed the monitor a few days later in about 15 minutes (didn't want any visable wires). Took it to an accessory shop and paid them $65 to install the pyrometer. I did purchase the Banks cat back 4" stainless exhaust also on Ebay ($569.00) to keep the EGT down (not sure if it really helped or not).
  • I am interested in the power module that you are using on your 2004 5.9l. What make?

  • Go to They only sell top of the line products made in the USA.
  • 1st Diesel MV - I have a 2004 Ford Excursion 6.0 PS and wanted to know how to best maximize fuel economy. tow very little and when I do less than 2000lbs.
  • Tell me please what the diferance between power pup and triple dog power pup???? I just recieved power pup. I haven`t downloaded it yet. Can it down load off internet like the tripple dog??? not enough info. was given to me. I also was thinking about leaving the juice hooked up but running on stock setting using its gauges and running the power pup. I`m awaiting response from bully dog. ANY ONE WITH ANY OPINIONS???????????????
  • just bought a 2006 2500 dodge 4x4 cummins. will i get better than 13 miles to the gallon in the future or am i to expect this for the life of the truck
  • I have an 2003 2500 with 250ibs cummins . When i bought it i went to find all information i could find it is (what iread in info.) get better milage after it gets broken in some where 2500-5000 miles. Thats 2005 info. Mine gets 22-24 miles easy driving hard driving 10-12 miles with 38000miles rounded off.Also with module..
  • Well pretty interesting i down loaded power pup on performance setting first It was ok definitely not the juice!! but was good. I ran on extreme still not as strong as the juice i turned up the juice with the power pup together that is the most alsome setup. The clutch would not stick after it reached 2000rpm`s on up i did not think my dodge could smoke that much!!!!!!!!!
  • You will get better mileage as your truck breaks in. I have been told and I am seeing the break in mileage improve. There are several supposed breaks you will receive at: 25K, 50K and 75K. I would suggest adding in aftermarket lock-in-hubs. I have been told you will gain 2 to 3 miles per gallons by doing this (I believe it; you are driving shafts all the time at the present). You can purchase these from many different distributors and are supposed to be fairly easy to install.
  • I did not answer your original question in my last post. I have an 05 2x4 Dodge Diesel 15K miles and I am averaging about 19 MPG. My father has an 4x4 similar to yours, he is getting around 16 MPG. I here everyone talking about the 24 mark, but I have yet to see it in my ride? I sure hope I see it soon! I was averaging around 17 new and I have slowly noticed it getting better during break in. I am looking forward to the 25K mark, that is when I am hoping to see the 24MPG.
  • Well, my truck is a 2003 with 250 not an ho 305, it has nv 4500 hd trans. it also had 245s (tires) it got 23.7 or 23.9 miles to a gallon. Now i did not run the interstates or freeways this was state highways /town/cruizing town /it had the muffler on it so there was no need to roar it around. Being you could not here it(i corrected since then.) I did run it up the mountian fiarly hard(about 5to 7 miles i think it is about 10 to15% grade not sure there. Ichecked it several times (8to10 times) I wrote it on the reciepts. Did i say its a reg. cab? well it is also base model but it`s true. Keep the diesel flowing!
  • Quadzilla is actually priced at $449.00 for the standard adjustable, $549 for the race, and $299 for the simple one setting XZT. And easy to install when you figure out how do undo the connections on the truck side.
  • I see people saying they are getting mileage in the mid 20's after installing a chip or power module, but is that hand figured or just what the mileage computer says or figured off of the fuel gauge?
    My truck says I am getting 23-25mpg but the best I ever got was 21.
  • To tell you the truth i have 03 i did not know it had a milage computer? I put the juice and power pup together i`m guessing (i no longer fill tank up in hopes fuel prices drop next refuel) around 8 to 10 miles as i like to make smoke as often as i can expecialy when somone is up and under the bumper. It really makes them back off. But back to milage it was not with power add on. Asfar as how i check mine i topped the tank off all it would hold.What year is yours? it`s has got to hav all the bells.Mine is just base reg. cab straight drive. It took 6 years 2 pickups to find it used. finally did i guess .
  • Mine is an 04 SLT it has most of the bells and whistles. Yours being basic does not have the overhead mileage and trip computer.
  • You probably already know this? I have found that if you reset the mileage meter after every refill of fuel, it remains very accurate. If you do not reset it after every fuel stop, it is running an average total of all the miles you have driven from day one. See if this makes it more accurate? My gage usually stays accurate +-.5MPG after re setting.
  • dont know much about these but i got this one and i am real happy with it
  • I do reset my gauge after every fill up, and with my power module off it is accurate to within +-.5MPG as well. I know why it is so far off when my module is on, my question was how many of these posts saying, after a chip or module was put on, that they are getting mileage in the mid-20's is what the mileage computer is saying or it is hand figured by dividing the miles traveled between fill ups and the gallons used.
  • I have a 1999 Dodge Ram Quad cab, 4X4, Laramie 2500 diesel with 246,000 miles on it. Have never done any extras to the engine so far, but now would like to pull a 5th Wheel RV for a couple of seasons before selling the pickup or trading in on a new one. The trailer weighs about 14,000 lbs with all gear, tanks full, etc. What 'chip' or other features can I add to this engine to give me that extra power needed? In addition, can/should I do anything to the transmission/rear end? Thanks for the helpful info.
  • I am thinking about buying an 06 Dodge mega cab Diesel, how has the cummins been from a reliability stand point ?
  • Cummins compaired to what? tractor truck. I know to many people with 7.3 powerstokes not standing up to much towing. The only thing is i`ve read mercadies is going to stop on cummins 2007 i believe so get one while you can.cummins says it`ll run over 300,000 miles inbetween over haul. I think its the best motor on the market. After all cummins knows how to buildem.
  • The new Common Rail Cummins has not been out for long enough for me to get a good feel as to how long it will be reliable. The older 12 valve was as reliable as you can get, I have seen them at over 400,000 miles and the engine still runs good. My dad has a 24 valve that has 250,000+ miles on it and still runs good.
  • You can put on high flow air filters and exhaust, injectors, and turbo modifications. As for a "chip", I prefer power modules that go after the computer than a simple chip that goes in the computer and just increases fuel flow. On the 98.5-02 Cummins Quadzilla will have a $349 XZT towing module that adds 60Hp or $499 adjustable Xzilleraider that adds up 120Hp, these should be out by the start of the new year.
  • I agree with everything tom250ibs stated! I have also heard the rumors that ALL the diesel truck motors are switching hands. The biggest rumor is that Caterpillar is coming into the ball game with one of the big 3 manufactures trucks. Caterpillar also knows how to build them (if they will build them in the US). My opinion on mileage is this: I would think you could easily get over 300,000 on a Cummins, if you take care of the recomended PM's.
  • I know, i should be up on my news better, but who`s cat going with? I like cats also, not quit as much as cummins.
  • Keep in mind that these rumors have been flying for several years. However, it is no secret that GM and CAT have been in bed together for quite a while. So my only guess is GM will bring it out, if it ever comes to the table? There is also small talk of International possibly coming into the picture. I love it, all these guy's know diesels, unlike 2 of the big 3 trying to make thier own diesels or contracting a Japenese (Isuzu-GM) to make it for them. If you search hard enough on the internet you can find some very small talk on this subject. Rumors, rumors, who knows if any of this will ever come to light? All I do know is this: I sure would hate to see Cummins leave, they have the best engine in the market place at the present! Hopefully worst case with Cummins, is they would switch over to another manufactures truck.
  • Thanks I am thinking of buying a 06 mega cab pickup with the 5.9 engine, I have been impressed with what I have read. JM
  • Check out Bd Forum Site. To tell you the truth i`m really impressed with my dodge, i`ve no regrets in buying that truck really like it, so i geuss i`ll say if you deside on one i hope you like it as much as i like mine. Merry Christmas!
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