What are buyers paying for 2017 TLX SH-AWD?

phillymikephillymike Member Posts: 13
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I'd like to start a conversation around what folks are paying for the 2017 TLX SH-AWD. I myself have bought my last few Accords after researching things like this in the old Town Hall area. Now I'm considering moving onto the TLX and want to put in the time here to ensure I buy this vehicle as cost-effectively as possible.

Looking forward to hearing from some new 2017 owners


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    Looks like we have invoice and TMV pricing up. For the SH-AWD, you'll have to select the Advance or Tech package.

    Looks like TMV is splitting the difference between invoice and MSRP, but it's so early in the model year, those numbers are probably especially fluid. More buyer reports would really help.

    Anyone else shopping or driving a 2017?
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