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Toyota Avalon vs Chysler 300/300C

continuous2continuous2 Member Posts: 2
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what do you think is a better car


  • alphawolfalphawolf Member Posts: 100
    Are you asking about the 300c or the v6 300?

    I had the same question, but mine is regarding the 300c.

    Both are big cars with great power.

    I was wondering if anyone out there has compared the 05 Avalon Limited to a 300c with all options?


  • patpat Member Posts: 10,421
    The original poster was talking about the 300 vs. the Avalon. I added the 300C to the title because others have been making that comparison elsewhere. I think we can discuss both comparisons under this same umbrella. There are some differences indeed, but we can handle them here in one place.
  • hutch34hutch34 Member Posts: 34
    I have compared the 300c and Avalon Limited. I considered purchasing a 300c for several months, while awaiting the arrival of the 05 Avalon. I really did like the power of the 300c and to a lesser extent the styling. The one thing that kept me from ordering a 300c was all the problems that the new owners were having. I have a close friend who has a 300 Limited which he received from Chrysler when they bought back his 300m. Because he had so many problems with his 300m and immediately started having problems with his new 300 Limited, I decided to wait for a while before taking the plunge.

    In mid-February I was finally able to compare an 05 Avalon Limited and it was love at first sight. I immediately found the quality of the Avalon to be superior to the 300c. I was so impressed with the Avalon that I immediately ordered a Limited. I have now owned my Limited for one month and am more convinced than ever that I made the right choice. While the 300c is an impressive car from the styling and performance points of view., it doesn't come close to the Avalon in providing the feel of quality, comfort and reliableity that the Avalon provides. The Avalon is also much quieter and more ecomonical to operate than the 300c.

    To those who have purchased the 300c, you have a beautiful car and I hope that Chrysler can get it's act together and correct the problems that seem to plague the 300c. :)
  • badgerfanbadgerfan Member Posts: 1,565
    How about throwing it into the mix as well. Yes not as luxurious as the Avalon, perhaps, nor with the Bling factor of the 300-300C, but less expensive than either one, and available with all wheel drive and even with this option pretty inexpensive.

    Huge trunk as well. 17" alloy wheels even in the base model. Advanced CVT or 6 speed automatic. A lot of Volvo based safety features. Prices starting in the low $20k range.

    Yeh, we all know about everyone claiming it is underpowered, but in real world driving, more than adequate.
  • alphawolfalphawolf Member Posts: 100
    To continuous2, if you go to toyota's website and start to price out a car you can click compare on the upper left side. That will let you pull up a menu where you can select the Avalon and 300 from a pull down list. It will point out a few things.

    I don't think the Ford Five Hundred is really within the same demographic as people who want an Avalon or 300c. It's 100% boring interior wise, handling, styling, and power...IMO..of course.

    BTW, I'm just 34yrs old, but need a large sized vehicle to carry people around in comfort...but I'd like a little pizazz without breaking the bank.

    The 500 and Crown Vic lack that bit of style and power I'd like along with my practical needs.
  • donb1donb1 Member Posts: 49
    I have been considering the Acura TL, Avalon and the 300. I have driven the Acura several times, the Avalon once and am now renting a 300 on a business trip across central FL. Here are some observations bearing in mind I am driving a rental with few whistles and bells.

    The 300 really has the WOW factor as you drive it around. Have had many people ask me how i like it. It really turns heads on the road , then they see an old guy driving it!
    Plenty of room.
    Gauges and the analog clock really have a pleasing appearance at night.
    Fun to drive

    The windshield is smaller than you think. At several intersections I noticed when I stopped at the white line I was unable to see the traffic light without leaning forward.

    The radio had very poor reception. Even in the cities the signal faded very easily. THIS was very distracting.

    The seats were not real good on this trim level and it was hard to find a good position.

    The base engine on this is not a good option.. I would steer clear of it.

    It is not as quiet as the Avalon or the Acura but it was not unpleasant.

    The trunk lid was not lined,both the Avalon and the Acura had that sound deadening touch.

    I have to agree the car is perfectly good and fun but misses the mark on the touches on the Avalon and the TL. For my personal search I think the 300 is off my list. Now to decide between the TL and the Avalon Limited.
  • ronnronn Member Posts: 398
    I find the Avalon to be wonderful. Before buying it, I drove several others which included the 300. I would like to say that the 300 and its interior are not nearly has nice. The 300 has very thin carpet, and the dash is very plain looking to me. I did like the clock though...Thought it was cool. I felt very closed in with the 300...the windows are small. I was also amazed at the road noise with it. The ride was fairly smooth, but the quiet and smooth of the new Avalon is very hard to beat. It is actually the quietest car I have ever driven. They both are head turners. I get lots of looks with my Black Avalon. Not that it matters, but I am proud to have a sleek looking new car. I do believe the reliability of Toyotas are also hard to beat. As I read many reviews of the 300, many were negative, and I was nervous comsidering the car. If you look at resale, Chrysler has also had a problem there.
    I post on the 2005 Avalon post most of the time, but came over here to give comparison. Both are eye catching, and are both popular, but I love my Avalon.!!
  • ronnronn Member Posts: 398
    Donb1...... I drove the Rl and the TL before deciding on the Avalon. I must say that I was disappointed in both the RL and TL. While I came very close to buying the RL, after driving the Avalon it decided for me. The TL is a nice car, and I love the look of it, except the kinda sawed off back from the side view. I thought the dash was cool in the TL, but the road noise was a disappointment to me. Also, the TL does not have near the room that the Avalon has. I was looking for a car that would give friends in the back plenty of room. I am 6'2, and with my seat back, Im amazed at the room in the Avalon. The stereos in both cars are awesome. I do wish Toyota would add Bluetooth to the mix. I feel they will eventually.
    The Avalon is just a more smooth, sleek looking car to me. I love it. I have 1500 miles, and it also gets excellent gas. I have been getting 21-23 in town driving which I find amazing with all the horses it has. Best of luck in your decision, and maybe I havent confused you more.
  • alphawolfalphawolf Member Posts: 100

    Do you live in Central FL? I'll most likely be getting the Avalon and could use dealer recommendations. :)
  • alphawolfalphawolf Member Posts: 100
    >>Now to decide between the TL and the Avalon Limited.

    Isn't this fairly straight forward? If you want more sporty and to be able to feel the road more then the TL is good.

    If you want a softer ride with a lot more rear leg room for passengers then the Avalon. least based on what I read. :)

    However, if details like the better NAVI / Bluetooth in the TL are something you'd use then I guess that factors in as well.
  • donb1donb1 Member Posts: 49

    I am only here in Fl on business so I am afraid I can't help on the dealership thing.

    Thanks for the input.
    I was disappointed that the 300 did not impress me more but that is one of the reasons I decided to rent it. Better to find out now.

    The choice between the head and the heart is in play on the TL vs Avalon. I have owned 2 Avalons, 2 Camrys and 1 Celica. They were all all trouble free if unexciting (except the Celica). I currently have a 2001 Acura TL and love it but the lease is up.

    I am buying this car instead of leasing so I want one that will last a good long time
    The New TL is a ball to drive and looks really nice. It is a harsher ride but great fun. The Avalon is sooo quiet and smooth and very well done inside. I am trying not to act my age (late 50's) but on the other hand I am not sure I will want that fun but harsher ride in 3 or 4 years. It would be an easy choice if they weren't such great cars.
  • hardhawkhardhawk Member Posts: 702
    It is certainly unfortunate that you are basing your opinion of the 300 on the base model. Even if you still want one of the imports, you owe it to yourself to make a fair comparison by trying out a 300C. Much about the 300C is upgraded from the model you rented, which would sell for at least $10,000 less than the Avalon or the TL. Give the 300C a test and, if nothing else, you will have at least given the 300 a fair comparison. The great thing about looking at cars today is that we even have 3 fine cars, such as the 300C, Avalon and TL to choose from. It wasn't that long ago that it would have been impossible to find 3 such cars to compare!
  • alphawolfalphawolf Member Posts: 100

    I understand. Have you seen the new Infiniti M that just came out?,,cid-123084_sctid-12001,00.html

  • donb1donb1 Member Posts: 49

    I took the fact that it was a base product when I compared. I tried to focus on those things that were inherent in the car such as the small windows and the road noise. I know that many of the concerns may not be present in a better equipped


    I would look at one but there is no dealer within 50 miles of work or home. I just don't think I want to go that far for service for the foreseable future.
  • alphawolfalphawolf Member Posts: 100
    Don, yeah...100 mile round trip to the dealer would be a bummer.
  • xkssxkss Member Posts: 722
    I'd take the 300C. It reminds me of the 1998 Chrysler Chronos concept car and the 1957 Chrysler 300. It has soul while the Avalon, along with every other Toyota from the Celsior to the Corolla, lacks it (except for the MR2).
  • bigsambigsam Member Posts: 4
    Just to preface, love my 2004 Avalon XLS :) ! I have been a Cadi owner for many years and at 6' 8" really liked the room. Cadillac makes a solid, quiet, roomy, well equipped car and without a doubt, the Avalon is NOT a Cadillac but I'm frankly getting sick and tired of problems with GM autos (it's in the shop right now with an electrical gremlin that affects the cruise, headlights, door locks, emergency brake, trunk release, fuel gauge, interior lights, radio and chimes! It's been in the shop 5 times :lemon: for these intermittant problems.)

    I did look at the 500 and first off, there was nowhere near the front legroom of the Avalon and secondly, the 500 reminded me of a Mercury Monarch :sick: we used to have about 30 years ago and was that ever the biggest piece of crap that was ever allowed on the road.

    We looked at the 300 because of the terrific styling :shades: of the car, love the design but here we go again with reliability factors.

    Owned new Toyota's in the early 80's and now I almost feel like I made a mistake by buying anything else.

    Thanks to all who input vital information which can be used to make sound purchase decisions.
  • leinadleinad Member Posts: 32
    I live in North Central Fla and am seriously considering the Avalon also, but the only CON I have at this time is the PREMIUM GAS requirement...I have tried out the Chrysler 300 Touring and love the roominess inside, but the interior was very plain and blah looking. I am used to driving an extended cab toyota tundra. I also tried out the hybrid Honda Accord, and loved everything about it (was so quiet, couldn't even hear engine running), except it is SO SMALL compared to AVALON. So right now, my narrowed down choices are either the Avalon or Highlander Hybrid coming out in June 2006...

    I just felt like the Avalon leather seats wrapped around my body and were far more comfortable than in the Chrysler 300.

    Any comparison on cheaper insurance???

    Thanks to all! :)
  • tystys Member Posts: 3
    PREMIUM GAS is NOT a requirement. Toyota suggests that if you want to get the top horsepower and gas mileage use Premium. Regular will work fine with no big difference. Read the stories from the other Avalon 2005 forums and you will see not everyone uses PREMIUM.
  • patpat Member Posts: 10,421
    On the insurance question, you'll want to check out other Forums' members experiences in the discussion at this link: What do you pay for insurance? That should be a great resource for you.
  • deaniedeanie Member Posts: 172
    Hi Leinad:
    You're right about the 300 - it'll prove to be as reliable as a mercedes, and that's a bad thing. My opinion: Stay away from the Highlander/hybrid if you're considering an Avalon. Why? Avalon's braking and handling are far superior to the highlander's, which makes it a much safer car, and safety far outweighs the money you'll save due to the slightly better mileage the hybrid will bring. In addition to better handling/braking, Avalon's also got a smoother, more comfortable ride.

    Unless you're living in the snowbelt, the all wheel drive will not offset the Avalon's handling/braking advantage. Just make sure that whichever car you buy, get VSC - best safety feature since seatbelts.

    I drove the Avalon & Highlander and bought the Avalon. The Highlander is no larger than the Camry on which it's based, whereas the Avalon is based on a stretched and widened version of the Camry. For comparison, I believe the passenger areas for the highlander and accord are about the same. Plus, the 280hp Avalon is still faster and will be a lot more fun to drive than the expected 267hp of the highlander hybrid.

    Let's not forget price. Avalon prices are coming down now (slowly). I bought my XLS w/VSC & JBL stereo for $657 over invoice. By the time the Highlander hybrid comes out, Avalons will routinely be purchased for $400-$1000 over invoice, whereas Hybrids will go for near MSRP and be in shorter supply than Avalons were, and for a longer period of time. Hope I've helped.
  • leinad922leinad922 Member Posts: 2
    hey again! this is LEINAD922...thanks so much for the info and input, I feel much relieved to know that premium is not a MUST for the avalon...then, that really settles all my indecisions about which vehicle I want! Its the avalon or bust!

    It really helps to get ya'lls opinions (yes, I am from the South) and I appreciate it very much!

    I have had a highlander before and my sister went out and got the same exact highlander, even same color, so that kinda put a damper on getting another highlander for me! Such a copycat she is...

    I am willing to try new and different things.

    Thanks again!
  • jahvanejahvane Member Posts: 3
    For a while there I was 100% for the 300, I went back to the dealership to look at the 300 again, all of a sudden it hit me, the interior looks like cheap plastic ?? On the way back home confused, I stopped by and drove the Avalon...WOW nice ride. Now I'm on the fence 300 or Avalon ? My biggest fear is going with a Chrysler knowing the rep of toyota. Any help would greatly be appreciated.

    300 Limited or Avalon XLS
  • ccriderccrider Member Posts: 26
    Hey jahvane, I was considering the 300 with the Avalon as well as a Maxima. I haven't bought one yet, but I'll be getting an Avalon. At this point I'm trying to decide on the XLS or the Touring. What knocked the 300 out for me was the reliability issues, the resale value, and the exterior colors available. There just wasn't a color that I liked very much. The Avalon, on the other hand, has great reliablity history, good resale value, and the Phantom Gray exterior. All things being equal concerning price, I think the Avalon is the superior choice.
  • jahvanejahvane Member Posts: 3
    I'll be making my decision here within the next 2 weeks, after many long nights of research and emailing friends who are pretty car savey, all points to the Avalon. I agree with reliability and resale. I still love that 300 look !!

    decisions decisions....
  • donb1donb1 Member Posts: 49
    After more evaluations of the Avalon, the 300, the Pacifica and Acura TL, all of which were very strong in some areas> finally came down for the Avalon. I was trying to get a Limited but the waiting list here in Ohio is 2 months plus so I am getting an XLS. Toyota screwed up big on the manufacturing priorities by assuming the Limited would be a lower demand vehicle than the XLS. I will be almost as happy with the XLS as with the Limited.
  • jickajicka Member Posts: 38
    The Avalon Owners Manual indicates that 87 Octane regular gasoline is listed first. If you want more performance (Like drag racing or such) Toyota recommends premium. Then again, I'm in the "geezer" category and I rarely challenge other drivers when the light turns green.
  • jahvanejahvane Member Posts: 3
    I got the Avalon Limited and happy with it. I had the same issue as stated earlier in finding the limited with all the toys. I finally found 1 that is white w/grey interior.
    I'm glad I decided to go with Toyota. Thanks to all that have posted to this site as it did help me in choosing. If there is any doubt between the 300 and Avalon.....go Avalon !!
  • navigator89navigator89 Member Posts: 1,080
    Car and Driver did a six way comparison test featuring the Kia Amanti, Buick Lacrosse, Ford Five Hundred, Nissan Maxima, Chrysler 300 and Toyota Avalon.

    In the end, the 300 took second and the Avalon took first. C&D tested a 300 Touring, and Avalon Touring.
  • kevm14kevm14 Member Posts: 423
    That Avalon was surprisingly quick, a good handler, and had by far the best mileage of the group. Toyota has really turned that car around.
  • parks1parks1 Member Posts: 5
    As a point of information, according to Toyota, the 2005 Avalon does just fine on
    regular gas. The engine may suffer a loss of about 10 hp. The electronics adjusts
    for the lower octane so there is no ping. I can tell you from first hand experience
    you will not miss the 10 hp. This car has plenty of power.
  • bbraddockbbraddock Member Posts: 46
    I think I'm pretty qualified to address this topic. In May of '05 I bought a 2005 300C Hemi. Trust me it's the real thing. I live in up state Michigan and thought I was going to have to trade it in, because it was so bad in the snow. Not once you got going but terrible off the start. Nokian Hokkapolita tires fixed that. It was a real eye catcher, especially after I had the windows tinted and put a stainless wire mesh Bentley grill on it. It handled well, and was very nice inside. Two weeks ago I traded it in on a 2005 Avalon XLS after much research! REASON?!?!? Gas mileage. I'm a believer gas could still go to $3 a gallon and I need the mileage which will equate to 150 to 200 miles PER tank full! Went on a 500 mile trip this past weekend and got 26.5 combined and 32 on the freeway. The Avalon is already doing it's job. It is a poor man's Lexus. Extremely nice inside and the JBL sound system is even better than the Boston Aucustics I had in the Hemi. The trunk is fractionally smaller but lays out better. The sunroof in the Avalon is smaller, and the rear seats don't fold down, but do recline 10 degrees. It is bullet proof construction and 280 h.p while not a Hemi still has some pull! A bit more of an old man's drive, but will be more affordable to drive for sure. You can't go wrong with either car, it will just depend on what is important to you! Brawn vs. brains. Enjoy the ride, they're both awesome.
  • smithedsmithed Member Posts: 444
    Great post. These two came high on our list, too. Went with the 300C. Enjoy the XLS. Front drive makes more sense for Michigan. Here in South Carolina, we don't worry about snow or ice much. However, I do drive to western PA around Christmas time. That causes me some concern with the Continentals on the C. My Intrepid has been good in snow with regular M+S tires. Of course, western PA is not upstate Michigan, either. I see you had snow even in May of this year. Yikes!!! You sure didn't keep the 300 C long.
  • steve290steve290 Member Posts: 25
    I am considering a Avalon LTD or a 300C AWD. I live in Boston and cannot have a RWD vehicle because of snow thus am interested in AWD. I drive 40,000 miles a year, almost all highway and am concerned about gas mileage for the 300C. My question is, what was your highway mileage with the 300C? Does the cylinder shutdown work to significantly improve mileage? The Avalon appears to be an excellent car in every way, but its looks do nothing for me. Although it is a big car, it appears small? Am I crazy? I love the 300C, but can expect more mechanical problems than with the Toyota. The 300C highway mileage will sway my decision. The 300C also requires mid-range, about $.10 a gallon more in MA and I would expect the AWD to get worse mileage than the RWD version. Does anyone know the difference?
  • bbraddockbbraddock Member Posts: 46
    My 300c with the de activation got about 21 to 23 on the highway. The Avalon is getting as high as 33mpg. The AWD Hemi is even worse (I did not have AWD) as it adds weight to the car. The Avalon will get 10mpg more than an AWD Hemi. I have been running my Avalon on regular, not mid or premium and it has been just fine. Gas just went to 279.9 her in Petoskey Michigan and it's definitely going to $3.00 or even higher. I think if I have done the math correctly, if you go 40K a year you'll get about 180 miles per tank full more with the Avalon. That will equate to about 6 gallons of gas at $3 will be $18 per tank full. Over the year you'll save a bundle on gas. The Avalon will also be more reliable for sure. The Avalon is spacious and lays out better than the Hemi did. The trunk is fractionally smaller but configured better. The back seat is larger and the seats recline. BUT it's not a Hemi with 390 ft of torque. If you want to cover those 40,000 miles quickly but expensively, buy the Chrylser. If you want to do it affordably and in utter class with reliability, get the Avalon. The ONLY reason I bought the Toyota was for better mileage. It is a heck of a car. The Avalon is growing on me, as well as my kids. The stereo is better, and I thought the Boston Aucustics was the end all. either way, you'll be happy I assure you. Enjoy the ride!
  • yxuyxu Member Posts: 3
    Which one is quieter, more comfortable and fun to drive? I average less than 10K and mostly local cummute to work. MPG is not that important to me.

    I'm in Philadelphia area. How the RWD handles 6-8 inch snow?

  • in2locksin2locks Member Posts: 13
    Brian where did you get the tires and what size did you get?
  • bbraddockbbraddock Member Posts: 46
    The tires are Nokian Hakkapolita (SP) because they are 18 inches they actually call them for an SUV They are All-Season radials 235/55/18 Very good in 8 inches of snow. The Continentals weren't good in a half inch!!!

    The Hemi is quicker, largely due to 390 lb ft of torque. Some places have said the Hemi can do 5.3 0-60 Most people claim around 6 flat. The Avalon was clocked at 6 flat to about 6.6. The Hemi is quicker any way I slice it. If your looking for pure "fun", get the Hemi. But if you don't mind being a couple of clicks slower and still get great mileage, the Avalon.

    Enjoy the ride!
  • abeabe Member Posts: 19
    im not a big fan of the 300c. ive owned one for over a year. but, if you can stay at 55-60mph, you can get upper 20s low 30s mpg. ive been able to get almost 600 miles on a full tank of gas
  • gdp1gdp1 Member Posts: 1
    The 2006 Avalon Limited is being offered to fleets to combat the Chrysler 300 Touring AWD model being offered by them. This must be the reason for the delivery delay to dealers. Personally, I am trying to decide between the two, but leaning towards the Avalon. I have concern with the rear visibility on the 300 and the lower gas mileage, but I do like the look. Can someone comment on the visibility issue? Also, do you think the Avalon with stability control will handle nearly as well as the AWD 300 in the snow?
  • bbraddockbbraddock Member Posts: 46
    Oops am I bad. Thought those darn Nokian's were 55's and they actually are 60, so 235/60/18 and they worked really well.

    As for traction control vs. AWD. You'll get better traction with the AWD system than traction control. Kinda comparing apples to oranges here. Rear visibility is poor in the Avalon and REALLY poor in the Hemi. I can't believe the guy in post #42 that said he can get 600 miles a tank on the Hemi. I got about 335 to 375 at best! But we all drive different. If you go the a 300, get the Hemi, if you want a still very quick car, with nicer interior and far superior gas mileage it's the Avalon all the way.
  • abeabe Member Posts: 19
    remember, i was only doing 55, by myself with the windows up. gas mileage drops down to mid 20s when im playing in the 80s and 90s. the visiblity takes some getting used to. not so much the rear but the sides
  • abeabe Member Posts: 19
    and it was all highway by the way. in the city, this car is horrible. i might get 300 miles in the city
  • hraohrao Member Posts: 78 thinks 300 is better

    Cons: Not as much fun to drive as a Chrysler 300, stability control can only be had on top-rung models.
  • kevm14kevm14 Member Posts: 423
    Yeah and they tested against the 300 Touring, which has the 3.5L V6.
  • alan_salan_s Member Posts: 362
    The 300 may win the awards now, but the Avalon will still be running like new long after the 300's are dead hulking shadows at the roadside, mortally wounded by shredded transmissions and short-circuited burned out electronics...
    I know, I've owned Chryslers before and I WAS at the side of the road... :lemon:
  • avasteravaster Member Posts: 20
    As far as looks it's the Avalon. The 300 looks like a theme car. It's more like a novelty look. The Avalon is more well defined. The 300 is tank like and you see them everywhere. I have 5175 miles on mine and have seen 7 other Avalons although it seems to be more of them lately.
  • 5539655396 Member Posts: 529
    "I have 5175 miles on mine and have seen 7 other Avalons although it seems to be more of them lately."

    My wife has an 03 and we didn't see many either - until we went to Green Valley AZ. Old farts had em everywhere. ;-)
  • smithedsmithed Member Posts: 444
    "As far as looks it's the Avalon. The 300 looks like a theme car. It's more like a novelty look. The Avalon is more well defined. The 300 is tank like and you see them everywhere. I have 5175 miles on mine and have seen 7 other Avalons although it seems to be more of them lately."

    You should enjoy the Avalon. I see plenty of them around here. Neither the Avalon nor the 300 is an exclusive car, both mass produced. I have a 300C, love it. Great looks (always a matter of opinion), fun to drive, smooth, powerful. You didn't go wrong with the Toyota though. That was our other choice when we bought the C 2 years ago. :shades:
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