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mystery LS problems

lincoln00lincoln00 Member Posts: 1
edited September 2016 in Lincoln
I have a 2000 Lincoln LS 3.9 liter engine. Second owner, bought it in 2005 with 56000 miles on it. First I will mention that I used to joke that this car will make a mechanic out of you, because although I did buy an extended warranty with it, that covered the first batch of 3 coils, and the valve cover gaskets replaced. That was just, "wading in the shallow end". Since I have been my own mechanic all my life, just because I would rather spend my money on tools, I will have when the repairs are done. I started, learning tune ups, then brakes, shocks, front end work,
changing transmissions, rebuilding engines,( multiple), You end up a hot rodder building lots of different vehicles, and afraid of nothing. That was before computers, which was the real reason I bought the extended warranty with the Lincoln. Since that ran out, I have done the brakes, swapped out multiples of the coils, (& plugs) replaced the degas tank, thermostats, eliminated the hydraulic fan, replacing it with an electric one...changed out both front window regulators, serpentine belt, serviced the a/c system,
We live in Southern Idaho where it gets HOT in the Summer, so I have had regular battles with overheating issues.
To the point now... I casually drove the car over to get a haircut last time, travelling about two miles, at 35-40 mph.
The car ran great on the way over, ( listening to the radio, cause the car had no issues). I come back to the car 30 minutes later, and the car won't start. I was trying, but it was acting like it was out of time all of a sudden. No start. I realized that where I had it parked, was in an area that was only going to get more and more conjested as the morning turned into afternoon, etc, and if I couldn't get it moved now, it would be sometime after dinner, before the busy parking lot would allow me to get a tow truck hooked up to it. So, I pumped the gas, and cranked, and cranked, and I was able to get it started, running VERY rough, but limped it across the parking lot to where I would be able to get it on a flatbed at least. Then, thought as long as I was able to limp it that far, I might as well limpit home, @ 10 mph, the two miles. I googled what it was doing, and decided it must be a failed chain tensioner on one of the DOHC cams. Did a little more research, and determined that at 128000+ I had a car with a book value about $1000. less than what three shops quoted me to replace the tensioners, ($3500.) I just didn't have time in my mind to tackle this at this time. I had a flatbed pick it up and the shop I had chosen, called and said there is no compression in #6 hole, and at that point, now they want $5500. to get the head(s) off and replace a head gasket, or whatever seems to be causing the no compression issue, in #6. The rest of the cylinders have between 110, to 130lbs of compression. I now am trying to determine whether to sell it for a body, that needs a motor, or get a motor and find out why mechanics hate these cars. Anyone have some input? We loved the car, other than all the problems.
I bought a Tahoe for a "car" for us, but keep looking at this shiney Lincoln that's dead in the yard.....


  • LincolnFan1LincolnFan1 Member Posts: 3
    I have an 04 LS V8 that leaks like a sinking ship. The passenger door cup holder at the bottom of the door fills with water when it rains outside, I drilled holes in the bottom of the door to drain out the sloshing water when it rains, Now months later the passenger front door window does not go up. The motor works but the window does not go up. The sunroof now leaks on both sides at the windshield support uprights and the trunk spare tire and battery compartment fills with water. All the seals look good. Any ideas for simple solutions?
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