I think my RRSC had a " STROKE !"

rlsummers3rlsummers3 Member Posts: 21
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Drive a 2007 RRSC with less then 42000 miles, had it from new, totally maintained, never anything serious wrong. On my way home tonight got "transmission loss of power max speed 30 mph," immediately nav. screen blinked and went out. Then everything lit up! Every error msg came up!!! I proceeded with no turn signals... Only a slight loss of power from engine... Was less then 1/4 mile from home and made it that far. After switching off car, ALL went dead! Key won't turn in ignition, glove box WONT OPEN, just a slight dim light from left front driving light...fading on and off.......


  • thecardoc3thecardoc3 Member Posts: 5,631
    Sounds like the alternator might not be supplying power and you ran the battery dead driving home. See if it can be jump started and then test and prove if the alternator is charging or not.
  • rlsummers3rlsummers3 Member Posts: 21
    Problem is everything is shut down, can't even get into trunk to get jumper cables...
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