2017 Honda CRV???

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I keep hearing conflicting info about a re-design. Anybody know if the 2017 CRV is the next generation?


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    It does seem about time doesn't it?

    The current generation (2012) came out in 2011 and there was a refresh done in 2015 (all per Wikipedia).

    There's some spy shots around, like this set from MotorAutority, that indicate that we will indeed see a new model for 2017. Rumors are that it'll be bigger, maybe have a third row of seats and otherwise stretched.

    Car and Driver says the spy shots are of the 2018.

    But it's all rumor. My guess is that Honda will wait until 2018 - they just did the Ridgeline and Civic.
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    Thanks, i'm considering 2016, but would wait if 2017 new
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    Maybe @ushy66 has some info - his last "future CR-V" post was back in April and the speculation back then was that Honda would wait until 2018.
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    For what it's worth, just saw this at Honda owners site:

    September 19th 2017 - Spy pics of actual car without the stickers will show up

    November 19th, 2017 - Will be unveiled

    December 15th, 2017 - Will start arriving at dealerships

    Leaks have stated that the new Civic design was well received so the CR-V will take a lot of it's looks from the new Civic.
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