no crank, no start, looses power to transmission indicator, but only in run and start position

cattechcattech kentuckyMember Posts: 1
edited September 2016 in GMC
i just replaced the engine in this suburban, the old engine spun a connecting rod bearing and i had a ready to go replacement, i have this engine setting back in, i have checked that all connections are connected, grounds are as well. the starter checks good on and off the engine, in other words it has power going to it, and i can jump the exciter wiring and make the starter crank over the engine, all other power related components seem to be working, dash lights up, radio, lights, etc. there are no codes and the security light comes on for a few seconds when first turned on and then goes out, the only symptoms are is that the gear indicator will light up when ignition first is turned to acc. it will read in any position you shift it into, but when you turn to the on or run position it goes out and does not read what gear it is in, any thoughts, i have already replaced the gear position sensor on the side of the transmission as well?
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