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2016 MDX Owner's Experience

varusunvarusun Member Posts: 11
edited September 2016 in Acura
I bought my MDX Adv about 3 weeks back and have 500 miles on it now. Here is my experience and would like to hear from new owners:
Happy about..:-)
- Great fuel economy get around 31 on freeway without any traffic....mostly average around 24 to 26 with bit local+freeway
- Love ventilated seats, puddle lights, parking sensors, hd radio, driving comfort and seats
- LAKS and ACC are really good and works well...sometime the car does accelerate quickly while using ACC after car in-front of you moves
- Like driving position and driving dynamic..specially in Sports mode

Not so happy about..:-(
- Braking difficulty to stop car, 9 speed may cause bit of surge while stopping specially in lower gears
- Idle stop is good feature but wish I can default it to be OFF all time
- 9 Speed driving specially in lower gears is not very smooth
- Fit and finish could be bit better..hearing some squeaking noise from the central console (may ask dealer to look at it during service)
- Voice commands..specially navigation address is always a miss, also wish i can just hear bip instead of hearing..pls say a command all the time. Overall navigation is old technology...wish it was as good as Waze
- Getting error after starting the car "Voice Prompts are being Loaded wait"
- HDD recording only from CD..what's the use? wish I can transfer songs using USB/Bluetooth/Acura Portal etc

Overall, happy with my purchase love the Graphite with Ebony. No regrets about not getting 2017. I personally like the front end of 2016 wish the exhaust tip from 2017 :smile:


  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,454
    edited September 2016
    lol, guess you'll have to hit the parts counter one day and see about swapping out tips. Probably not a bolt on though. You might want to try a spritz of 303 Protectant or similar on the console.

    Feel free to cut and paste your impressions in a Consumer Review too. Thanks - and congrats!
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