Multiple Issues Popping Up Now...Sliding Power Door, Noise in Dash....

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edited September 2016 in Toyota I truly love my recently-purchased 2004 Toyota Sienna XLE. More bells and whistles than I've ever seen on a vehicle of that age. (Don't judge, my vehicle budget isn't large and I was thrilled to get this one.)

Did the research, tested all the doors, etc before buying. All seemed ok, other than the door limiter arm on the driver door making that "clunk" sound when opened all the way - dealer is fixing that.

Now, 2 months after purchase, things are starting to pop up.

Emergency Brake siezed up 2 weeks after purchase - had that removed since that was not something that could be predicted and I don't use it. (And that's why they seize up - not being used.)

About 2 weeks ago, the passenger sliding power door started making a horrendous gritty, grinding sound and a squeal when closing. Set up an appointment to have it checked out, but before I could get into the shop to check it out, it completely stopped working - the cable set into the side of the van where the track is for the door to slide back is completely stripped bare and coming apart. Now it's a manual door. Not a big deal to me for it to be manual, but I'd like it to work as it should, since it's supposed to be a power door. I know this is an issue with these vans - has Toyota done anything about it, or am I just hosed here? Also, if I take it to a body shop or mechanic other than a Toyota dealer, can I get it fixed for less than the Toyota dealer would charge, do you think? I understand the repair on them is pretty pricey.

Around a month after purchase, this weird ticking noise started behind the dash. Sounds like it's right behind the gauges. What's weird is that sometimes it happens even when the van is OFF - not even running. Sometimes it's a very fast tick, sometimes not so much. Any thoughts on what that could be? If it's not something that I should be too worried about, I'll just deal with it and drive around sounding like a ticking time bomb.

I do love the van, and have no intention of dumping it, but just getting some ideas on how to proceed with these issues.


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    Same situation occurred this morning in my 2004 Sienna XLE. Ticking noise coming from the dashboard. I can't tell if it is to the right or left of the steering wheel. Tried turning off AC and that didn't help nor did turning off the radio. I hope someone has had the same problem and can give us an answer. P.S. I love my Sienna, bought it new January, 2004, 86,000 miles.
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