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Any one have experience w/ 16v Scirocco leaky hatch?


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    Are you absolutely sure its the hatch and not the sunroof (if you have one)? My 84 GTI was leaking in the hatch area and I thought for sure the hatch seal was to blame. I replaced it and the leak was still there. Turned out the plastic tubes that drain water from the sunroof out the back of the car had fallen off and was allowing the water to drain down the roof and into the hatch area.
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    Thanks for the info. I also replaced the hatch seal + it still gets water in. And yes I do have a sunroof! So thanks alot for the tip. But working on the sunroof doesn't look like fun.
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    Yea, working on the sunroof is not fun. The only way to get at the tubes is by taking down the headliner. The tubes could be attached but clogged with debris so you might want to try having them blown out with compressed air first before tearing into the headliner.

    By the way, congrats on owning one sweet ride! I've always loved the 86-88 Scirocco's styling and the handling was one of the best in its day. You almost never see them on the road anymore so they are definitely rare. Is yours in good shape? How many miles on it? What kind of problems have you had? Do you have the power windows/locks? I bet its bright red! I hope to find one in good shape someday to compliment my 84 GTI, which has been an extremely fun to drive and reliable car.
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    Yeah, it's in very good shape, but it's silver. I bought it slightly used in the early 90's. (Phoenix) Yes it has power windows/locks, but I made the dealership fix them as part of the sale. I've found the more electric-gizmoes the more there is to break+spend. I've had the distributor replaced. I've had the flex-flange on the down pipe replaced,TT's stainless cat-back,K+N's air filter (best bang for buck) shocks+struts,upperstrut stress bar,Pirelli's. I think I caused the timing belt to fail,which bent the intake valves. So I took the head off + had it rebuilt w/ the Euro intake cam shaft. That's where it sets in the garage, all winter. I live in Michigan now. I have never driven it in the snow/salt. (78200 Miles) Too much info???
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    Sounds very nice and the mileage is low as long as VW's famous odometer failing problem hasn't cropped up at some point (my odometer reads 138900, but in reality it has about 200k). Anyway, if you ever decide you want to get rid of it, I may be interested so let me know!
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    Reminder - no buying or selling in the Forums!
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    I've had 3 Rabbits before buying the Scirocco + never had a problem w an odometer. Or was that a joke? (about some slimeballs that alter the mileage) The mileage is correct as far as long as I've had it. Boy "they" are pretty touchy about not selling on here!
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    Wasn't a joke. My dad's 83 GTI, my 84 GTI, and my previous 87 Fox all had odometers that didn't work. The Fox was stuck at 999999, even though it was obvious the car never actually reached that mileage. My friend's 88 Jetta GLI's odometer would stop, start back up, and then eventually quit all together. That's 4 VW's with this problem and I've heard of many others so it's definitely widespread which is why I mentioned it. Yours probably isn't high mileage enough yet to encounter the problem. And yes, these forums can be a bit quick to strike down the rules at times.
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    I have a 85 sriocco which has not been driven, in about 4yrs,it is in good shape,both body and engine wise.1 problem thought i haven't started it ,for that time. So you have a good idea ,about what i want to know?I need some help from a-z on rebuliding .I was told this sirocco has some great history, were can i find some good info, thank you.
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    Yes, I would love to give you as much advice as you would like. Before you do anything, ask yourself how serious are you about "rebuilding" this vehicle. If you want to go all the way with it, that drain EVERY fluid ffrom the car BEFORE you start it, and start with all fresh. All of it - oil, coolant, brake fluid, power stearing, transmission - and fill it up with high quality new. I prefer synthetic for everything, but you must choose.

    To start with, drain the oil BEFORE anything else. Period. The engine has been sitting for a long time, and there is no reason to circulate old oil through an old, and possibly dirty, oil filter. After you fill it with fresh oil and a new filter, check the cooling system. Sitting idle for so long usually causes problems for gaskets, hoses, and the water pump. If there is any question on the hoses, just change ALL of them. This is an insurance policy to prevent future issues. A hose on one of my Sciroccos blow a small hole, and I had a problem finding the hose for a week. By the time I found and replaceds the hose, the leak had comprimised an oil pressure unit to the point of leaking oil profusely. The unit only cost $7, but the cleanup of the mess, priceless...

    Before you attempt to start the engine, unplug the "feed" wire at the cap so that no spark makes it to the enging, and turn over the engine for about 30 seconds. This is to get oil flowing through the system before the engine is "running".

    Any more info wanted, contact me. I have gone through a few Sciroccos that are in you situation. [email protected]

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    Better than having others ask you for further information by email, let's keep the conversation right here. We are an online community and that means we share information with all our members by posting it. When conversations are conducted in email, the community as a whole doesn't have the chance to benefit from the experiences of others -- and providing an opportunity for that benefit, of course, the whole point of an online community. :-)
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    thank you for the great info,what about the spark plugs, should they also be change?and the battery cables are rusted out,and the sunfroof is not closing.Do you know any web-sites about the history of this model? Is it true the scirocco was made by DR Porshe, because Audi took over Porsha. Sorry to answer your question yes i"am serious in rebulding.
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    I have an 86 Scirocco with approx. 250K miles, in reasonable shape and most things work, except the manual sunroof. One side cable is broken or disengaged, so it won't slide back, only one side tries to drop down and slide back. The inside lining is intact, but the outside beading is in pretty bad shape. Does anyone know how to get the thing open so I can replace or repair what ails it?
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    According to the Robert Bentley service manual you need to fab. yourself a "special tool" to detach the "trim spring" to close the sunroof. I haven't had much luck with it.
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    heres my 3 'roccos

    1980 S
    4k tranny
    big bore audi throttle body and intake
    full techtonics tuning exhaust
    16v rear beam and brakes
    10" aftermarket rotors up front with Corrado calipers
    Neuspeed race springs with Tokkio sports
    Neuspeed upper and lower front stress bars
    Corrado seats
    Momo wheel

    Bloo, the project 1977
    I suspect it to be a GTi specced car from GMP


    and Koko, the daily driver/beater 1985


    dont give me a hard time about the "white walls" it was a joke lol
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    Nice. Thanks for sharing pics of a sweet rare car!
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    I recently bought this 85 rocco and it has been sitting on and off for approx. 2 years. Besides that it runs pretty good. I have just done an oil change and plugs, and distributer cap/rotar. Also changed the air filter and as I was doing that the control box that hooks up to the air intake broke. The springs just flew out. I bought a new one and installed it. with out the control box the car will not idle and you have to constently give it gas and clutch to keep it running when you stop at a light or just stop in general. Long story short after putting in the new control box it still does not want to idle unless you are holding your foot on the gas pedal. Do you have an suggestions on what this could be? Ive adjusted the knob that fluctuates the idle speed but it did not help. Any suggestions would be most appreciated.
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    Finally got the sunroof out of the car, one cable broke off the glide (as Bentley calls it). Bentley manual is hard to follow, I just took out screws until the whole thing came loose and slid forward out of the hole in the roof. The problem now is to get a new cable and slider for the side that broke, or repair the old one. The cable has a metal rod end to which the plastic slide attaches (this connection broke, no wonder, it has the smallest cross section of the whole part), and repair is probably stop-gap at best, small plastic parts don't repair well. Anyone know of a source (besides VW who hold their old parts very dear) for sunroof cable and slide?

    Best regards, Jürgen Amtmann (jurgena)
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    recently bought car, had to jump to get it home once home connected battery to charger and let sit for three or four hours, then proceeded to start, nothing! let fully charge thinking that was the promblem but still nothing. got to reading in owners manuel about charging and they say specificly not to use a battery charger to jump the car and not to use a charger over 6 amps my charger is 10 amps. I think its a relay orfuse but dont know where to start ant sugestions are appreciated.
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    hi, just thinking of getting some alloys for an H reg (UK) (1990?) GT2 scirocco. was wondering if anyone could tell me the pcd needed, and the best/recommended widths and diameters to use? i assume golf wheels from the same time will fit?
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    Hi Folks,

    I have recently bought a 84 storm that has not been used for about six years. I have serviced it and it runs very well. The PROBLEM is that sometimes the car will not start if the engine is warm. I had the fuel line cleaned and a new fuel tank fitted (old one was perforated), in addition the revs vary dratically when iddling (700-1400 rpm).

    Any ideas welcome

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