Starting issues with base (stick shift) 2010 versa hatchback

lttlblcarlttlblcar Member Posts: 1
edited September 2016 in Nissan
2010 base model versa (around 56K) will occasionally not start. Typically it is a "hot" start (but not always) and actually doesn't manifest the same way all the time. Sometimes it sounds like it is trying to start (e.g. starter sounds) but doesn't turn over and other times although there is power, there is no starter sound at all. Typically if I wait a while and keep trying it will eventually start. Been to my mechanic several times (replaced the starter, starter relay, clutch position sensor, battery and reflashed it). Been to the Nissan dealer (of course it did not do it there) and was reflashed again. No ECU type codes show up.
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