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Nissan sentra 2003 gxe automatic transmission problem po720 not shifting

p0snissan03p0snissan03 Member Posts: 1
edited September 2016 in Nissan
My 03 sentra doesnt want to shift up sometimes. This problem occurs when accelerating from a stop sign or stop light. I will see the tach go past 3 and 4 and eventually redline. I wont be moving fast at all, maybe 20mph and the engine will be roaring at 6000rpms. Only when i pullover and turn off the car and back on, it works like normal. Shifting around 3000rpm. Shifting is not solid. Like between shifting gears, the rpms will jump up 1000 rpms then back down... My fluid level and color looks good. I had the problem with my original transmission, and im having the same problem with this used transmission from a 04 sentra. My old transmission used to squeak from 2nd to 3rd and had a bunch of metal shavings and dark red oil. My car has about 59k miles on it. It threw a code. Po720. Output speed sensor. I changed that. And that didnt help anything. Also, i tried disconnnecting the battery for a week to get the TCM to reset. That didnt work either. I also tried driving with overdrive off, with "manually" shifting from 1-2-D, and just the good ole fashioned D...same results. Any suggestions? Im sure its an electrical issue. Cant afford another car. And im not paying 3k to have it fixed when i could just use that money as a downpayment. ..My next car is definently going to be a manual. ...


  • Raymond106Raymond106 Member Posts: 3
    I am having the same issues.. changed just about everything and it's still doing the same thing.. when I start the car it's fine when I pull up to a stop sign or to turn.. I hit the gas and it does not shift to higher gears
  • Raymond106Raymond106 Member Posts: 3
    Ok after changing the transmission and all the stuff inside and it doing the same thing.. I changed out the transmission computer and it worked.. it's in the passenger kick side pannel.
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