TPS problems now car won't start

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2004 GMC Yukon SLT VIN Z
possible TPS problems this summer, when outside temp was over 90+ car would turn off sporadically. When I drove the truck with the hood popped to allow more air to cool the engine, the problem went away, which I concluded that the TPS was heating up causing it to fail, due to financial issues we drove like that for a few weeks...
This past weekend the car won't start now, turns over but refuses to start. I am thinking the TPS has completely failed now.. after testing the voltages, I am getting good voltage to the TPS and good range voltage when I manually move the throttle plate by hand, also noticed the throttle plate doesn't close all the way. However, with the car in the on position and depressing the pedal the voltage doesn't change. also right before the car died we were have some shifting issues..not sure if that is related but think it very well might be. does this sound like a bad TPS or something else...??
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