Official unofficial 2006 Mercedes-Benz model line-up

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I stopped by a dealer today to ask about ordering a 2006 C-class for Euro delivery, and the salesman showed me the official 2006 model list. Further, he was able to show available colors, options, etc.

So, to end all speculation, here is what I remember (I might have missed one, but i don't think so). It only listed the Eurodelivery models, but the other models aren't in question anyway, so I put the whole lineup down (except the G).

C230K Sedan (still 4 banger)
C280 Sedan (4matic optional w/ 5 speed, unclear on RWD if 5 or 7 speed auto)
C350 Sedan (4matic optional w/ 5 speed, or RWD with 6 speed manual or 7 speed auto)
C280 Wagon (4matic optional)
C350 Wagon (4matic optional)



E350 Sedan (4matic available)
E500 Sedan (4matic available)
E350 Wagon (4matic available)
E500 4Matic Wagon

S430 (4matic available)
S500 (4matic available)






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    From checking out available options and colors on the european deliver order system, there are some changes other than just the engines.

    Colors: only 9 listed for the C280, 10 for the C350 (didn't check C230, but likely same, more limitied exterior/interior choices as now, give or take).
    Gone: Midnight Blue, Desert Silver, Orion Blue, Obsidian Black (replaced with another metallic black on D350), Black Opal
    New: A new burgundy replaces Bordeaux, a new silver replaces brilliant, a new green may replace current green (not sure)
    Black, White, Grey, Capri Blue, Mars Red, Pewter remain the same.
    Now talking with the salesman, he didn't feel that there would be more colors added later, as that's not normally the MO, but also, neither of us could believe they scrapped desert silver, since it is one of the more popular colors. Lots of older people get that color.

    Interior: all colors remain same, including still offering Royal Blue leather. :)

    C280. No new options over C240, but there is one option that is gone on both models: multicontour seats
    C350. Now offered with "sport" package and "non-sport" packages vs. a C350 sport and C350 luxury designation. Not sure if both transmissions are available with both packages, but 7 speed auto is available with both packages. Also unclear if sport package can be combined with 4matic.

    Pricing not set, but increases expected.

    I'm likely ordering a C280 4Matic next week: with Capri Blue/Royal Blue, DVD Nav, Sunroof package, split fold rear seat.

    For European Delivery, all cars ordered before May 6 will be in the first production run, and can be picked up on July 25th in Germany (except E class 4 matic and CDI which will take until August 2). From then on, every week adds a week. Besides the E class, there is no longer an additional delay for ordering 4 matic.

    I Would assume that this also means that all ordered cars for domestic delivery will start leaving germany after July 25th, arriving sometime in September.

    As for when new Cs arrive in US for first come, first served sales, the dealer thinks very soon, because they are running out of C240 and C320s. They have plenty of C230s, so it might even mean the 2005 C230 will hang around for a while even while the 2006 C280/350 go on sale.
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    as I should be.

    Which engine powers the C280?

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    Actually the current C320 is available in either Sport or Luxury trim. I'm surprised the C230 doesn't get the new 2.5L 200hp V6. Are you sure about this? How about posting this info in the Future Mercedes-Benz thread:

    merc1, "Mercedes-Benz: Future Models" #119, 21 Apr 2005 5:55 am

    I too had trouble finding out which tranny will be in the new C280, I'm guessing it will be the 7G-Tronic, but it really isn't clear. The SLK280 promises to be a hit too, but it needs to be priced around 38K.


    The new C280 is powered by a 3L version of the new V6, it will have 227hp.

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    That would be a pretty powerful 2.5L V6 for mercedes to crank out 200hp. The current 3.2 does 220, the current 2.6 does 170, and the older 2.8 did 190+. Would a high revving V6 really be the best choice? Economy would be poor, and the cost would be high compared to a supercharged four, no?

    He did feel, that unlike BMW 330/325i, the C280 would be a different engine than the 3.5L, not just a detuned 3.5L, as the smaller size would put it into a different european engine class. 3.0L sounds right, since there was some speculation about calling the car a C300, but marketing decided to call it C280 to create more "distinction" between it and the C350.

    Anyway, the salesman did not know whether the C280 would have the 5speed or the 7G transmission, nor did he know that answer for the SLK280. His guess was they would have the 5speed to save cost and to make the 350 more desireable, but that was only a guess on his part.

    Either way, the 4matic models keep the 5speed in all models. The reason for this is the 7G is too long, and it won't fit in the cars with the 4matic system due to space constraints.

    As for the current C320, it has two "models" called the C320 Sport Sedan and the C320 Luxury Sedan. My point was I think they are dropping this, and just offering "one" C350, with optional manual transmisson and optional sport package. At least that's how the order database page looked, but that is a technical page, not a marketing brochure, so who knows how they will name it.

    Anyway, the upshot of all this is that my C280 4Matic will be basically identical in performance and features to this year's C320 4Matic, for abotu $4000 less. :)

    PS - I started a new thread because some of those threads are 7 pages long and are full of speculation. Since I saw the actual 2006 model list with an order date/delivery date grid, this isn't speculation (other than the transmission choice in the C280.)
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    Interesting, but I don't see them dropping the seperate trim lines for the C350 because the Sport model is really needed to compete with the new sedans from BMW, Lexus and Audi. A plain C350 one suspension/seats choice with either a auto or manual isn't going to cut it. I'd be really surprised if they did this. An optional sport package on one model is kinda the same thing I think.

    The C230 is another curious piece. Everyone here seems to be against them putting a V6 in this model. I personally think a small six would be better from a refinement standpoint, but for the reasons you list it may not be. Especially if it has to rev to get the torque so they may keep the 4 in the U.S. market, but I've seen the press releases for other markets that seem to indicate that the little 4 is history. I guess all will be cleared up in the June or so timeframe.

    Question: What is the buzz on the new S and the timeframe for the R-Class?

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    It is not a standard C350 with either auto or manual transmission but no other differences. That's not what I wrote anywhere.

    There is a "sport" package and a "non-sport" package listed on their order system. They are listed in the option package section, rather than listing two distinct models like the 2005 is.

    The sport package includes suspension, 17" wheels, seats, ground effects, metal trim, etc.

    But it isn't clear whether the cars will continue to be listed seperately as C350 Sport and C350 Luxury in the marketing and sales channel. It looks like it might be listed the same way the E class is now. One model with an optional sports "package" versus two distinct models. IIRC, CLK350 also gets a sport package option for 2006 beyond the current sport suspension upgrade.

    That C350Sport and C350Luxury designation is only 1 year old anyway, and honestly, since most people bought the C230 and the C240, it made little sense anyway. The salesman I was dealing with felt that MB was maybe selling 1 C320 for every 30 or so C230/240 they made. This is coming from an LA area dealership where the C320 would be an easier sell.

    I personally think the current Sport model and Luxury model distinction is silly (except for the C230, which only comes in sport trim and is a true "entry" car). It makes the Sport model sound as if it is decontented (since so many other brands do this with their naming), and not Luxury minded, when other than not having wood inside, it is otherwise the same in the cabin and out.
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    perhaps one of the reasons to make the "luxury" distinction is that the exhaust on the "sport" version is tuned differently and has a louder note. The luxury minded folks might not want to listen to it as much. The steering and suspension are also a little tighter.
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    Sorry If I misquoted you, but we'll just have to wait and see. Personally I don't think there will be any change to the way they've been seperating the two, but again we'll just have to see. No big deal either way.

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    Are they redesigning it, or is this just a mild refreshing?
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    Actually its just a engine swap for 2006. The refresh was done for 2005, new dash, seats, lights, wheels, bumpers, gauges(!) etc.

    The re-design will be for the 2008 model year in the U.S.

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    the audio system will likely be able to use the new iPod adapter that the MClass has rather than waiting for the retrofit version for 2005s (if I understand it correctly).

    Also, like just about every year it seems, there will probably be new wheels.

    Other than that, no changes but engines that I know of.
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    Well, the C230 is getting a V6 after all. The salesman was looking at outdated information.

    Here are the specs on all three engines:

    C230 - 2496cc V6 - [email protected] - [email protected] (vs. [email protected]/[email protected])

    C280 - 2996cc V6 - [email protected] - [email protected] (vs. [email protected]/[email protected])

    C350 - 3498cc V6 - [email protected] - [email protected] (vs. [email protected]/[email protected])

    Why they just didn't call them C250,C300, and C350, considering none of those have been used before AFAIK, well only MB knows that.

    Also notice the C280 should be roughly comparable to the old C320, with slightly more HP, and slightly less torque but at a broader range.

    As for the C230 2.5, we'll see if it is better than the C230 1.8. It has more HP and less torque, but the HP comes at higher RPMs and the torque is only over a slightly broader range.

    My C230 2.3 still is superior IMHO, with 200lbft of torque and 192hp, and even then, I boosted output with a pulley kit.
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    I'm a few days away from purchasing what I'm now confirming, thanks to you, to be the last of the 1.8 C230 Sedans......what effect have engine changes at MB typically had on the resale value in year one after a change? How about five years down the road? Will this thing still depreciate about $19k by then, or am I looking at something more dramatic, like $23-25? It's actually kind of MB to leave the same badge and appearance, in lue of rebadging as a C250 as to not totally make the 05's undesireable less than a year after they were introduced.

    The V6 is simply a marketing ploy, esp. with that power curve...ever since we emerged from the oil-crisis cars of the 80s and early 90s (i.e. V8's with 180 HP and 4-cyl standard in just about everything) and as technology has improved, power is at a premium. A V6, with the same apparent performance, is more attractive to the masses than a supercharged, "wimpy" I4.

    One last question....does the pully kit void the warranty?

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    As long as your pulley kit does not damage the engine directly, it can't void the warranty. This is part of federal law, though many car companies try to convince you otherwise. Nor must you only use manufacturer approved parts nor install at a dealer, etc.

    That said, my car is the 2.3l 230k, not the newer 1.8l. It had more headroom, so getting more power was easier. Your car has a higher power kompressor, so the pulley kits involved are more expensive, IIRC. Mine was a Kleeman pully modifier. Didn't add a new pulley, just added diameter to the existing one to increase the ratio, and replaced the belt with a longer one to compensate. Kleeman no longer offers this option, AFAIK.

    As for depreciation, you have a few things working against you, and a few for you. Against: old engine, high volume car, end of model year. For: 05 has newer body and suspension, 230 is already discounted C class compared to overpriced 320/350, so depreciation is less dramatic in real dollars. Just don't overload it with options if you care about depreciation. Or just load it up, drive the heck out of it, and enjoy. :D
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    Regarding the 2006 C280...I have been having a problem with the new 7 speed automatic revs or slips between the first and second shifts...the dealer tried a software update without good results...anyone else note this problem?
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    You'll probably have better luck in the Mercedes-Benz C350 & C280 discussion.


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