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Just had a chat with someone from Acura HQ today, and he mention the 2006 TL will have the AWD and fold-down back seats.


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    Were they the only changes to be made, or is there a possibility of more HP, and maybe back up sensors and power tilt and scope wheel as an option??
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    What's your relationship with this guy? A personal friend? It surprises me that he would leak that kind of information out.
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    With sales of the TL as hot as they are, I doubt Acura would be so quick to refresh the car for 06'. I also think Honda would spotlight a drastic change such as the addition of AWD at one of the big Auto shows (Detroit, NY) as well, which didn't happen (this year). I could however see this happening in 06' with a release of the freshened TL in 07.
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    But then again, all of Acura's Japanese competitors (not to mention also most of its Euro competitors) offer an entry-lux AWD sport sedan, so perhaps Honda feels it is necessary to up pace asap. I wonder what it would do to RL sales though, since the SH-AWD is probably the major reason most people would ante up the significant extra $$ for an RL.

    If it does come about, I would have a tough decision to make as to whether to trade in for one, or wait for the RDX. (If BMW offers some attractive lease deals on the '06 X5 with the new 255hp 6, then the decision would be further complicated!)
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    It would essentially make the RL obsolete, unfortunately. The TL is a much better looking vehicle IMO (not that I don't like the RL, quite the opposite actually) and the SH-AWD is really the only reason to chose the RL. They'll have to do something pretty drastic to justify the 50k asking price over a 38k (just guess-timating) TL AWD. Maybe a V8 or Hybrid :D ?
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    I'm axiously waiting for the production RDX to appear as well. Going to be an excellent crossover IMO but I also would love to see a stick to match the X3, which I have my doubts about :(
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    Not surprised one bit. I bet within a few years every Acura will be AWD; first the RL, then it will trickle down to lesser Acuras, the TL being the next in line.

    Some time ago someone from Acura said that AWD on future Acuras will help differentiate Acuras from Hondas. So no, I'm not surprised.

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    Hey folks:
    Its just a matter of time baesd on these comments from an Acura exec. Also, let's hope they keep the manual transmission available for a hybrid/awd TL -- we'll be plenty sad if the stick is unavailable.

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    I thought that might happen. When I spoke to a salesman, he assured me that this is not the case. (Ha! Ha!) In any event I plan on going for a 27 month lease, that way the AWD TL will be out for a year, and some initial demand may die down.

    Thanks for the info.
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    does anyone know when the new one might come out because iam interested in buying a 05 but if the new one comes out soon i will wanna get that one :P :confuse:
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    Historically, new model year vehicles typically enter the market in August, I believe. In light of the fact that the 2006 may be equipped with AWD, I may have to wait and buy/lease a 2006. The challenge is that my current Lexus lease terminates (after they agreed to buy me out of my current lease due to the many issues with my ES330) towards the end of May. I would have to figure-out what to do for 2-3 months. Any ideas?">
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    In searching the Internet, it appears that Acura's yearly new product anoucements have been about September 1st. I would suppose that the 2006's will start to arrive after that time. My guess is that it will take a month or so before good numbers are available. September is quite some time from now.
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    Most leases will let you extend for 2 or 3 months. Would that be a workable option for you?
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    I just extended the lease on my '03 3.2 TL. I stretched mine for 6 months so I'll be able to check out the '06 TL. I'm almost positive they let you extend for 18 months. That number sticks in my head. All they make you do is pay the taxes on the extended months up front. At least here in New York, Honda Credit made me pay the taxes for the extra months first. It's a really easy thing to do, no hassles at all. Do any of you have any ideas on what might be some of the new changes, if any? I've heard all kinds of rumors on the TL forum called Acurazine, but that's just what they are...rumors.
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    But you should try to avoid a long extension because it is not to your advantage, since you're paying the higher payments. For example, if you hada 36-month lease but extended by 12 months, that would mean you made the (higher) payments from a 36-month lease on what turned out to be a 48-month lease.
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    Rent a car (you could have some a Mustang one week, a 300 the other etc).

    Borrow a car from family/friend...may have issues here.

    Car pool...
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    That's not actually a bad idea. You know, you don't really need a car 24/7. You might end up renting a car only 2 -3 days out of a week. And as you said, it's an opportunity to sample different cars. Look at it as doing extended test drives.
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    I'm curious to see how much the weight will increase with the SH-AWD feature. TL is already a heavy sedan to begin with. I hope they will use exotic material more to shave more weight.
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    I wonder if I could have a show of cyber hands as to how many current TL owners would strongly consider trading their TL in for a 2006 TL SH-AWD, if, lets say, the price premium is no more than 10%.
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    I know what AWD means, but what does SH mean?
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    SH = Super Handling. That's what Acura calls the AWD system on the '05 RL. And according to industry rumours, that system is supposed to be made available for the '06 TL.
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    I would love to trade my '04 TL for an '06 one with AWD but I would expect that it would cost me maybe around $7K or $8K to do so. Too much. I sure would do it for $3 to $4K!
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    After reading many posts in different forums concerning the Acura TL for '04-'05, I'm starting to get a bit worried about the quality of these cars. I drive an '03 3.2TL, and really haven't had much trouble with it. It seems like the more I read, the more I'm reading negative reports on the new TL. Between rattles, squeaks, lousy tires, bad fit and finish, and the list goes on and on. I was all set to buy the '06 TL when it becomes available, but now I'm not so sure. I really think that Honda should clean up it's act and try and get back to the quality they are known for. This seems to be an issue that is becoming more and more of a problem. I could see if it was a once in awhile post about something wrong with the car, but it seems that these negative posts are all over the place. Of course there are problems with all cars, but for $35,000 you would think that most of the problems would be worked out before the cars are made. I'm really up in the air about the '06 model. I hope that Honda has been listening to the negative talk about these cars, and does whatever it takes to get the quality back to where it was. I've started test driving some other cars, and have had some really good feedback from these drives. Like I said earlier, this has become a very bad situation for the TL, and I hope they can fix things before the new models are released.
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    My guess is that the price premium would not be that big, in view of what Infiniti charges for the AWD version of the G35.
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    Yes. I would trade my '04 for one with SH-AWD. I know the trade-in value is strong, so it would depend on the SH-AWD price premium. It would much improve the handling characteristics. Even with VSA, there is too much torque steer with hard acceleration on the current model.
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    another options is that there are websites for people looking to get out of leases early for various reasons. You get to see what payments they are making, what mileage they have, how much time iseft, etc. Don't know if you can find 1 for 3 mos, but it might be worth a shot.

    My favorite of these sites is called "leasetrader" - I think it's related to "AutoTrader" - the free magazine where people list cars for sale.
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    "Making the TL AWD would essentially make the RL obsolete"

    This statement is a little drastic. The RL also has more hp, more lux features (including tying real-time traffic reports in with the nav system) and has a softer ride. I bought my TL used from a guy who said the ride was too harsh - he wanted the softer RL ride. Now if they also gave the TL a "touring" option that softened the suspension...
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    I wouldn't trade mine in for AWD b/c I live in FL - no snow to deal with. The only benefit I see in AWD is a reduction of torque steer. I can tell that as the years go by, torque steeer on my TL is going to be annoying. Thus, wouldn't trade in for it, but at the end of my lease, it might be reason for me to stick with the TL line.
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    Let's just hope that the '06 introduces sh-awd to the TL...its much needed for true sport handling. Torque Steer just won't cut it with serious drivers.
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    I have a 2004 TL 6-speed and I would NOT trade it in for a 2006/7 with SH-AWD. If the 2006/7 TL came with RWD, I might consider it.

    The TL does exhibit the usual handling limitations of FWD cars - torque steer and heavy front weight bias. It's a very respectable FWD sport sedan, but it's no sports car.

    However, I for one have driven the new RL extensively and I came away relatively unimpressed. I am no Mario Andretti, but the Acura RL is no BMW 5-series sport sedan when it comes to handling. The extra weight of the RL (outweighs the 545i 6-speed by approximately 200 lbs) completely offsets the nominal increase in horsepower the RL has over the TL. And the front weight bias remains.

    I know that some would consider me old fashioned for favoring RWD over SH-AWD. However, I would respectfully suggest they consider the concept that more technologically complex isn't necessarily better. The weight advantage of RWD and ability to achieve a near 50/50 balance with RWD is a significant advantage in the 5 series handling over the TL, IMO. And for anyone thinking that SH-AWD handling is better in the snow, it's still go "performance" rubber. The RL is no MDX, either.
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    I guess obsolete would be a bit dramatic, your right. What I meant was Acura needs to offer something more that the TL doesn't, which up until now was the SH-AWD. Now other than ride and interior volume (which isn't much more than the TL) the RL ($50k) has the RT traffic for what I predict will be 10k more than AWD TL ($38k). That wouldn't be enough to justify the RL.
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    They should put 3.5 litre 300 hp V6 into TL and a V8 engine (buy the current 4.3 from Toyota if they cannot build one) into RL. Otherwise Infiniti will eat Acura alive.
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    ..Otherwise Infiniti will eat Acura alive.

    I'll take issue with that comment. The last thing Acura needs to worry about is losing sales to Infiniti. Why, because they are just too damn ugly and their ergonomics suck. And this comes from someone who loves (and kept) his 11 year old 1995 Maxima SE after buying a 2004 TL.

    I had an hour to kill yesterday and, since the Porsche dealership was closed, stopped by the Infiniti showroom to see the newly facelifted G35 (or new M45). On paper, the G35 sounds great. Available with 6-speed, 298 horsepower, RWD, good handling, etc. But in person, it has more rough edges than a broken beer bottle. Wide chrome strips around the windows, tacky interior with Toy's-R-Us buttons on the steering wheel and console, power seat buttons located on the console side of the drivers seat, etc.

    If I were blind, the G35's faults would all go away. But blind people don't drive and it would be good for Infiniti to take that into account when designing its cars and thier interiors. It looks like they hired too many disgruntled GM employees.
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    Honda can definitely build a V8, it's just that they choose not to. And while I think that Toyos 4.7l V8 is an excellent motor, I don't see Honda buying them from Toyota, they're major cross-town rival. I do agree that a Honda V8 would quell alot of the negativity people have towards the RL compared to the competition.
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    Eventually Honda will bow to public pressure and introduce a V8. It took them awhile to put a V6 in the Accord, years after Camry, Maxima had V6's. For some reason, Honda seems slow to change directions. :confuse: Call it philosophical, or ideological inertia, if you will.
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    I totally agree with you about the Nissan's styling:
    I have been trying to warm up to the G for about a year now and I can't get pass the styling.
    The Q is a remarkable IMHO- but for some reason it does no sell- go figure.
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    I have the same concerns that you have. I believed that the 05 is much improved but the attitude of Honda/Acura Customer Service sure leaves alot to be desired from me. An 06 with SH-AWD, if available (no one knows for sure), will cost more and the question is what can you get for the dollars with other auto makers??
    I'm leaning towards the new Avalon right now :confuse:
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    The Q does not sell because it has absolutely forgettable styling. To this day I cannot conjure up in my mind what the car looks like.
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    The Avalon?? If you are under 70 years old, it is the perfect cure for insomnia. Even the Washington Post's Warren Brown - not exactly a Mario Andretti - referred to the Avalon as the ultimate Japanese Buick in his review a couple of weeks ago.

    I have owned two Toyota Supras in the past, and used to believ that Toyota was at or near the king of the hill when it comes to Japanese quality. But Toyota no longer makes even a "sporty sedan", let alone a true sports sedan or sports car. It has become the quitensential GM of Japan. Hell, the FWD TL 6-speed is more fun to drive and feels tighter than the new Lexus GS.

    And, worse, Toyota / Lexus quality has slipped, IMO, to well below Honda/Acura. I know they still rate highly on JD Powers and Consumer Reports. But check out Edmunds boards on the GX470 which we considered before going with an Acura MDX. We have friends who had theirs bought back from Lexus under a lemon law threat after it had an incurable drivetrain vibration that has been around since the vehicle was introduced in 2003.

    I am not sure what attitude of Acura customer service you were referring to. I have been reasonably satisfied. When I had a minor problem with my 2002 Honda S2000, I got follow-up phone calls from Honda North America executive to make sure it had been taken care of.

    Regardless of a preference for Toyota or Acura customer service, it would be a cold day in you know where before I'd be driven away from Acura and end up with a frumpy Avalon in my driveway. Hell, you could drop a 400 hp V8 in that car and it would still have all the appeal of a Buick Regal to me.
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    But like habitat mentioned, there really is no character to Toyota.

    "But Toyota no longer makes even a "sporty sedan", let alone a true sports sedan or sports car. It has become the quitensential GM of Japan. Hell, the FWD TL 6-speed is more fun to drive and feels tighter than the new Lexus GS."

    Wow, That's really saying something. The TL is more enjoyable than the GS? That's a big compliment to Acura, that's for sure. And all the while, I was getting ready to compare the TL to the new IS! :shades:
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    Actually, the Avalon got good reviews from Edmunds. It's not an exciting car, but it's a powerful, large sedan that's more luxurious than the others in its class. Anyone in the sedan market who's not interested in a sporty ride should check it out. I'd also advise those individuals to avoid the TL and Infiniti G & M - probably too harsh a ride.
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    Don't get me wrong, the new GS is an improvement over the old. But it's still far cry from a BMW 5-series in steering and handling. And I strongly prefer the Acura's 6-speed manual transmission to the automatic in the GS.

    I have stated before that I believe Lexus has punted all serous driving enthusiasts over to BMW (and, to a lesser extent Acura and Infiniti). If you look at their priorities, they appear more interested in achieving perfect stitching in the leather seats than precise handling or steering. The lone Lexus IS will never get my attention as anything other than a boy racer that somehow accidentally found it's way into the Lexus line-up. Perhaps unduly harsh, but I'm too old to be seen in a car like that, so I have never given it much attention.
  • habitat1habitat1 Member Posts: 4,282
    Even stodgy Warran Brown had trouble with the Avalon's interior invoking a 70+ age demographic. Just because you might not want as sporty of a ride and handling as a TL or 5-series doesn't mean that you like Buick style dashboards to go along with the softer ride. I may be 25 years too old to want to be seen in a boy racer Lexus IS or Subaru WRX, but as I approach 50, I realize that I'm never going to be old enough to feel comfortable in an Avalon. I'd object to one being in my funeral procession.
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    As I said in my posting, I'm leaning towards the Avalon. I can tell that you have not called Acura and spoke to anyone concerning the vibration issue or about the rattles in the driver side pillar. Give them a call and let me know what they tell you; it will be something like: That is normal or we haven't heard anything about a vibration issue. The last thing I want to do right now is purchase a $35,000.00 car and have issues that the customer service people won't listen too or don't have a fix for. At this point and time, I'm not sure if anyone has a "Perfect" car or what exactly is a true "Sport/Lux" two cents on sunny Wednesday :)
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    But you know, ALL car manufacturers will give you the "It's normal" line until they are cornered to the point where they can no longer deny the problem. The Toyota sludge issue was a classic example. Toyota initially not only denied responsibility, they actually blamed owners for the problem! :mad:

    And habitat is right about Toyota's mission statement being to produce perfectly assembled snooze-mobiles.
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    If the dealer hasnt heard anything about vibration maybe bcuz it doesnt happen to every TL . Mine is an 04 w/o nav with no vibration or rattle.

    I've never doubted that first year products might have those kind of problems (that might goes with 1st year new-avalon as well) but the percentage is very small(less quantity to produce usually means better quality). TL sells more than G35, ES or 3 series maybe they missed one ot two. Besides all magazine reviews, CR and road tests never show any complaint about rattle/vibration. Yes that doesnt mean that all TL are problems free. But hey not all cars are perfect. Have you seen other brand's problem and solution board?

    If you look at the problems n solution board, you will notice that only a few people that keep complaining and whining all the time. Again and again. Can you be so sure that they're not the same person with multiple usernames, I have seen people who doesnt own a TL, own a BMW but complaining about the TL or acting like he/she own a problematic TL? people who own previous TLthat has a wel-known tranny problem? other car's salesman? extended warranty salesman? people who would like to upgrade their old TL with a new one for free?(possibilities .. possibilities)

    Dont get me wrong, it doesnt mean that their complaints arent real.

    Some1 asked as in a poll question :'Does your TL has vibration issue' in the problem and solution's board (assuming most people with no problem wont vote in this board of problems, right), but the majority favors "Nope my TL doesnt have that issue". People with no car's problem usually dont go to that board

    Avalon is a very fine choice, yes its a Toyota but I dont mind having one to replace my wifes accord.
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    Hey guys,

    I believe this discussion was set up to discuss the upcoming 2006 TL., not comparisons with other cars.

    Most of the above discussions should be on other threads. This one is for what (if anything) people have heard or know or been told (or maybe want) will be on the 06 TL when it is available in the fall. (Any changes or modifications or additions to the current model.)

    IMO this is why the thread was started. ???????
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    Yes, please - there are plenty of comparison discussions that include the current TL. This one should be focused on features and pricing of the upcoming TL, which we can't compare to anything since it's not yet available. Thanks!


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    Thank you....I came to this site for a look into the future of the TL, not comparisons of current models; and boring comparisons with 'duh' like conclusions at that!!!. Please let's stick with the catagory.
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    I've been trying to get my wife to switch from Camry for many years (she's owned nothing but since 1985). The only way will be if Acura TL comes out with AWD.
    I'd be willing to pay for the upgrade to SH-AWD but don't want to get into the stratushere ie: 40+ for this vehicle. You see my wife doesn't have the same affinity for cars that I do, so Acura luxury would be somewhat of a waste on her.

    I have a 2002 MDX and while I like the convenience of an SUV (I've owned three different models Jeep Grand Cherokee(ugh), RX300 and the MDX) the SUV thing is starting to wear thin. I could do with a nice sporty AWD coupe. So when will Acura bring back the CL?
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